Administration & Public Works

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DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Matters relating to the bills and purchases; budget policy; finance; fire; legal; licensing; personnel; public works, including: streets and alleys, lighting, refuse disposal, water and sewers, traffic control, and parking; public buildings, public transportation; public utilities; safety (including civil defense); liaison with the police and fire pension boards; and capital improvements.

# OF MEMBERS: Five (5) Aldermen are appointed.

MEETING SCHEDULE: Before Regular Council Meetings at 6:00pm.

PLACE: Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center, Council Chambers

REPORTS TO: City Council

 Ald. Peter Braithwaite, Chair
Ald. Ann Rainey
Ald.Thomas M. Suffredin
Ald. Cicely L. Fleming
Ald. Robin Rue Simmons

Rotating Department Head Staff
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Agendas and Minutes

 Video  Agenda
 Video  Video   Agenda
Date Agenda Minutes Video
10/14/2019  Agenda    
 9/23/2019  Agenda    Video
9/9/2019  Agenda    Video
 8/12/19  Notice of Cancellation    
 7/22/19  Agenda    Video
7/8/19    Agenda
 Minutes  Video
 6/24/19  Agenda  Minutes  Video
6/10/19  Agenda Minutes  Video
 5/28/19  Agenda Minutes
 5/13/19  Agenda Minutes
 4/22/19 Agenda  Minutes  Video
 4/8/19 Agenda  Minutes  Video
 3/11/19  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 2/25/19  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 2/11/19  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 1/28/19  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 1/14/19  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 12/10/18  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 11/26/18 Notice of Cancellation    
 11/12/18 Agenda  Minutes  Video
 10/22/18  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 10/8/18  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 9/24/18  Notice of Cancellation    
 9/17/18  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 8/13/18  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 7/23/18 Agenda  Minutes  Video
 7/9/18  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 6/25/18  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 5/29/18  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 5/14/18  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 4/23/18  Agenda Minutes  Video
 4/9/18  Agenda Minutes  Video
 3/26/18  Notice of Cancellation    
 3/19/18  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 3/12/18  Agenda canceled    
 2/26/18  Agenda Minutes  Video
 2/12/18  Agenda Minutes  Video
 1/22/18  Agenda Minutes
 1/8/18  Agenda Minutes  Video
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