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Human Services

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DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: The duties of this committee include matters relating to the Department of Health and Human Services (including: public health, mental health, general and emergency assistance); community purchased services, aging, youth, liaison with the human service-related boards and commissions, private and public organizations funding or providing human services within the City, and matters relating to the arts, recreation, library, environment, unemployment, unified budgeting, the Farmers' Market, and Police services; Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA") Grievance Appeals relating to Title II of the ADA (Accessibility). 

# OF MEMBERS:  Five (5) Aldermen are appointed.

MEETING SCHEDULE: Meet on the first Monday of the month of every month at 6:00 pm.
PLACE: Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center, James C. Lytle Council Chambers, Room 2800

REPORTS TO: City Council

Ald. Judy Fiske 
 Ald. Peter Braithwaite
Ald. Eleanor Revelle-CHAIR
 Ald. Cicely Fleming
Ald. Robin Rue Simmons

 STAFF: Rotating Department Head Staff
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Date Agenda Minutes Packet Video Presentations

 06/01/2020  Cancelled          
 05/04/2020  Cancelled          
 04/06/2020  Cancelled          
 03/02/2020  Agenda    Packet  Video    
 02/03/2020  Agenda    Packet  Video  Donation Policy  
 01/06/2020  Cancelled          
 12/09/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet  Video    
 12/2/2019  CANCELED          
 11/04/2019  Canceled          
 10/07/2019  Agenda  Minutes


79-O-19 CPR Update

 09/04/2019  Agenda  Minutes Packet  Video    
 08/05/2019  Canceled          
 07/01/2019  Canceled          
 06/03/2019 Agenda   Minutes  Packet  Video    
 05/06/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet  Video  We're out Walking (WOW) Announcement  
 04/01/2019  Canceled          
 03/04/2019 Agenda   Minutes Packet  Video  Lake Water Level Website  
 02/04/2019 Agenda   Minutes Packet   Video    
 01/07/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet  Video    

 12/3/2018  Agenda Minutes   Packet  Video  CPCAC Presentation  
 11/5/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Packet  Video  Hillard Heintze-EPD-Report  
 10/1/2018 Agenda   Minutes Packet  Video    
 09/05/2018 Agenda  Minutes  Packet  Video    
 08/06/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Packet  Video    
 06/04/2018  Agenda  Minutes Packet   Video    
 05/07/2018  Agenda  Minutes Packet  Video    
 04/02/2018  Canceled          
 03/05/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Packet  Video
 Transportation For Evanston Update
 02/05/2018  Canceled          
 01/05/2018  Canceled          



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