Planning & Development

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DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: This Committee addresses matters relating to planning, physical development, zoning, building conservation, preservation, housing, and relocation. The Committee shall review and advise the City Council on the use and planning of all City park land.

# OF MEMBERS: Seven (7) Aldermen are appointed.

MEETING SCHEDULE: Before regular Council Meetings, 7:15 p.m.

PLACE: Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center, Council Chambers

REPORTS TO: City Council


Ald. Judy Fiske, Chair
Ald. Ann Rainey
Ald. Melissa Wynne
Ald. Donald Wilson
Ald. Eleanor Revelle
Ald. Robin Rue Simmons
Ald. Thomas Suffredin

STAFF: Johanna Leonard, Director of Community Development
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Agenda & Minutes

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Date Agenda Minutes/Presentations Video
 7/9/18  Agenda    Video
 6/25/18  Agenda Minutes  Video
 5/29/18  Agenda Minutes   Video
 5/14/18  Agenda Minutes  Video
 4/23/18  Agenda Minutes
 4/9/18  Agenda Minutes   Video
 3/26/18  Notice of Cancellation    
 3/12/18  Agenda Minutes   Video
 2/26/18  Agenda Minutes
 2/12/18  Agenda Minutes   Video
 1/22/18  Agenda Minutes   Video
 1/8/18  Agenda Minutes   Video
 11/27/17  Agenda Minutes   Video
 11/13/17  Agenda Minutes   Video
 10/23/17  Agenda Minutes   Video
 10/9/17  Agenda Minutes  Video
 9/25/17  Agenda Minutes   Video
 9/11/17  Agenda Minutes  Video
 8/14/17  Agenda Minutes  Video
 7/24/17 Cancellation     
 7/10/17  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 6/26/17  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 6/12/17  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 5/22/17  Agenda  Minutes Video
 5/8/17  Cancellation    
 4/24/17  Agenda  Minutes Video
 4/17/17  Agenda  Minutes Video
 3/27/17  Agenda  Minutes  Video
 3/13/17  Cancellation    
 2/27/17  Cancellation    
 2/13/17 Agenda  Minutes  Video
 1/23/17 Agenda  Minutes           Video
 1/9/17 Agenda Minutes Video
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Ald. Melissa A. Wynne, Chair
 Ald. Ann Rainey
Ald. Judy Fiske
Ald. Donald N. Wilson
Ald. Eleanor Revelle
Ald. Robin Rue Simmons
Ald. Thomas M. Suffredin