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Zoning Board of Appeals

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ZBA Rules


  1. Hear and decide major variations from provisions of the Zoning Ordinance.
  2. Hear and make recommendations to the Planning & Development Committee and City Council on applications for certain major variations and all special use permits.
  3. Hear and decide appeals.

MEMBERS: Seven (7) members appointed by the Mayor.

TERM: Members may serve no more than two (2) terms of five (5) years each.

MEETING CALENDAR: 2020 Meeting Dates

PLACE: Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center, 2100 Ridge Avenue, Council Chambers

Public Comment Guidelines

Public Comment Form


Melissa Klotz
Zoning Administrator
Community Development Department

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Agendas and Minutes

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 Video  Video
Date Agenda  Actions Minutes/ Results Packet Video/Audio


Public Notice of a Meeting

 Actions   Packet  


Public Notice of a Meeting

 Actions  Minutes


Applicant Presentation



Public Notice of a Meeting

 Actions  Minutes Packet
 04/21/20  Canceled  NA  NA  NA  NA
 03/17/20  Canceled  NA  NA  Packet  NA
 02/18/20  Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet Video
 01/21/20  Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet   Not Available
 12/17/19  Canceled  NA  NA  NA  NA
 12/03/19  Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet  Video
 11/19/19  Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet  Video
 10/15/19  Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet  Video
 09/17/19  Canceled  NA  NA  Packet  NA
 08/27/19  Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet  Video
 07/16/19  Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet  Video
 06/18/19  Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet  Video
 05/21/19  Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet  Video
 04/16/19  Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet  Video

 Canceled - ZBA

 Canceled - Joint Meeting

 03/19/19  Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet  Video
 02/19/19  Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet  Video
 01/15/19  Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet  Video
 12/18/18  Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet  Video
 11/20/18  Canceled  NA NA   NA  NA
 10/16/18  Agenda  Actions Minutes  Packet  Video
 09/25/18  Agenda  Actions Minutes


Additional Info

 09/04/18  Agenda  Actions Minutes  Packet  Video
 08/28/18  Agenda  Actions Minutes  Packet  Video

 Agenda - Joint Meeting

 Agenda - ZBA

 Actions- Joint Mtg


Minutes - Joint Meeting

Minutes - ZBA

 Packet - Joint Meeting

 Packet - ZBA 



 07/17/18  Agenda  Actions  Minutes


Additional Info

 06/19/18  Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet  Video
 05/15/18  Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet  Video
 05/01/18  Canceled  NA  NA  NA  NA
 04/17/18  Agenda  Actions  Minutes Packet  Video
 03/20/18  Agenda  Actions  Minutes Packet  Video
 02/20/18  Agenda  Actions  Minutes

Packet A

Packet B

Packet C

 01/23/18 Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet  Video
 01/16/18 Agenda   Actions  Minutes  Packet  Video
 01/09/18  Agenda  Actions  Minutes  Packet  Video

Members Term
Violetta Cullen (Chair) 11/11/2023*
Jill Zordan 05/13/2024
Max Puchtel 09/09/2024
Mary McAuley 07/13/2020
Myrna Arevalo 09/08/2024*
Lisa Dziekan 01/11/2021
Kiril Mirintchev 11/14/2021

* Second Term