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Administrative Hearings

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Administrative Hearings

The City of Evanston Division of Administrative Hearings began operations on January 1, 2000.

Under the administrative hearing system, the city agency that issues a ticket, complaint or notice of violation is not the city agency that hears the case. Cases are heard by law judges from the Division of Administrative Hearings. They issue final binding decisions.

An administrative hearing is a civil hearing. Cases filed in the Division may result in the imposition of fines, costs, liens, orders to desist or dismissals. In an administrative hearing, the burden of proof required to prove a violation of a city ordinance is: by a preponderance of the evidence which means that more likely than not the violation occurred. It differs from a criminal proceeding in which the burden of proof required to prove guilt is: beyond a reasonable doubt.

Many types of cases involving violations of city ordinances have been transferred from the Cook County Circuit Court to the Division of Administrative Hearings so as to reduce litigation expenses and allow the Circuit Court to focus on the most serious offenses.

The City of Evanston is committed to making all public hearings accessible.

Administrative Hearings Motions/Forms

Need to reopen a case, request a new hearing date, or request a tow hearing? Please complete the appropriate form below AND return it to the Administrative Adjudication department. 

Motion to Vacate Default Judgment

Motion to Advance and Reset



You may file a motion with the Hearings Division in one of the following ways:

  1.  Deliver/mail to City of Evanston, 2100 Ridge Ave., Room 2700, Evanston, IL 60201;
  2.  Fax to 847-448-8164 (it is your responsibility to verify delivery)

For more information about how to file a motion or other inquiries about the Hearings Division please call (847) 448-8163.