Benchmarking Ordinance

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Building Energy and Water Use Benchmarking Ordinance Homepage

 In December, 2016 the Evanston City Council voted to approve the energy and water benchmarking ordinance which requires large buildings in Evanston to track and report their annual energy and water usage.

View the full ordinance text here.

Report Your Data

Follow the link below to submit your 2017 benchmarking data before the deadline of June 30, 2018. More information on reporting your data can be found by visiting the Reporting webpage.

2018 Benchmarking Reporting Link

Compliance Process

  1. Getting Started
  2. Benchmark
    • Create ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Account
    • Gather basic information required to set up property profiles
    • Request Whole-Building Aggregate Data
    • Enter energy and water use data into Portfolio Manager
    • Check for Possible Data Errors
  3. Verify
    • Have a Certified Professional Verify the Data
      • Recognized training programs and credentials
      • Verification through ENERGY STAR Certification
      • Pro-Bono Data Verification
    • Generate a Data Verification Checklist
    • Add the Certified Professional information to Portfolio Manager
  4. Report
    • Generate and review the property report in Portfolio Manager
    • Submit Report to the City through Portfolio Manager
    • Retain your Records 
  5. Workshops, Training Sessions, and Helpful Materials

Ordinance Background

Learn more about the development and passage of the ordinance.