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1.1. Determine What Buildings are Covered and when they have to Comply 

Do you have to comply?

The ordinance requires the following types of covered buildings to comply:

   Building Type
          Gross Floor Area (square feet)
                      First Year to Comply
        (Must Report Each Following Year)
Type 1                                                            100,000 or greater                                                    2017
City Buildings                                  10,000 or greater                                                    2017
 Type 2                                   50,000 - 99,999                                                    2018
 Type 3                                    20,000-49,999                                                    2019

1.2. Identify a Benchmarking Lead

It may be useful to identify a staff member or 3rd party to be the benchmarking lead. They will be the main person in charge of ensuring that your building is in compliance with the ordinance. They will gather property details and energy and water data, coordinate data verification, and report the data to the City.



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