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3.1. Have a Certified Professional Verify the Data

Every three years (beginning with the first year in which a building is required to benchmark and report), Covered Building owners must ensure that their Reported Benchmarking Information is verified by a Certified Professional. The following information details the required credentials for a Certified Professional, verification through ENERGY Star Building Certification, and Pro-Bono Data Verification.

The Illinois Green Alliance has developed a list of organizations that offer data verification in order to help property owners find firms that provide benchmarking-related services.

Data Verification Professionals

Recognized training programs and credentials

Evanston recognizes the following training programs and credentials for a Certified Professional:

  • State of Illinois: Professional Engineer
  • State of Illinois: Architect
  • Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance: Building Operator Certification (BOC)
  • ASHRAE: Building Energy Assessment Professional (BEAP)
  • Association of Energy Engineers: Certified Energy Manager (CEM) Certification

Verification through ENERGY STAR Certification

Owners of Covered Buildings that achieve ENERGY STAR Building Certification through the US Environmental Protection Agency fulfill the Data Verification requirement. This is provided that the certified property and energy and water use data include at least six consecutive months of the calendar year for which Data Verification was required by the Ordinance.

For example, a Covered Building that is required by the Ordinance to verify calendar year 2016 data by June 30, 2017 will have satisfied the Data Verification requirement if the Owner can prove that the Covered Building attained ENERGY STAR certification based on data that covered at least six months of the calendar year January-December 2016.

Pro-Bono Data Verification

In cases of undue financial hardship, owners can request pro-bono data verification through the Benchmarking Request Form.

3.2. Generate a Data Verification Checklist

Once the building owner has completed their property profiles and entered their energy and water usage data, they will need to have their data verified by a certified professional. This is required every 3 years including the first year of reporting. To verify data, the certified professional can use the Portfolio Manager Data Verification Checklist. Generate the checklist using the following steps:

  1. Go to the report generation page.
    • In Portfolio Manager, go to the Reporting tab. You will find the Data Verification Checklist on the right side of the page under "ENERGY STAR Performance Documents". Click the link.
  2. Customize the report.
  3. Click Generate & Download Report(s).
    • Note: Make sure you un-block pop-ups for this website, otherwise you will not be able to view or download the report.
  4. Save the report and provide a copy of the checklist to your Certified Professional.

3.3 Add the Certified Professional's information to Portfolio Manager

Once the data is verified, the building owner needs to add the Certified Professional’s information to the property profile.

  1. Log in to your Portfolio Manager account.
  2. Select your property from the “MyPortfolio” tab.
  3. On the Details tab, in “Property Notes,” enter the following information:
    • Name of Certified Professional
    • Certified Professional’s organization
    • Certified Professional’s email address
    • Certified Professional’s recognized license or training credential
    • Any unique identification number for the Certified Professional’s license or training credential
    • Date that data verification was completed
  4. Click Save Notes.