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Housing & Homelessness Commission

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PURPOSE: In order to protect and promote the public health, safety, and welfare of the residents, the City Council establishes a Housing and Homelessness Commission ("Commission") to provide for the planning, expansion, maintenance, conservation and rehabilitation of Evanston's housing stock. The Commission shall also work to maintain and expand affordable housing for Evanston's low, moderate, and middle income residents. The Commission will be responsive to needs for change in housing related matters to maintain a diverse residential environment throughout the community and to combat homelessness. The Commission will provide recommendations on funding and policies to carry out City Council priorities related to housing and homelessness. (Ord. No. 94-O-17 , § 2, 12-11-2017) 

# OF MEMBERS: Nine (9) members.

QUALIFICATIONS: The Commission consists of nine (9) members who serve without compensation and are residents of the City of Evanston. In appointing new members to the Commission, the Mayor will consider knowledge, familiarity, and/or experience with local housing issues, homelessness and affordable housing issues, different housing populations in Evanston including seniors, the different types of housing stock in Evanston, renter and homeowner housing issues, and housing development and financing for public and private sectors. At least one (1) member of the Commission must be an alderman. All members must be residents of the City of Evanston.

TERM: 3 years, may serve a second term.

MEETING DATE: First Thursday of every month, at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise specified

PLACE: Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center, Room 2402

REPORTS TO: Planning and Development Committee

STAFF:  Sarah Flax
Housing and Grants Manager


Public comments

As the result of an executive order issued by Governor J.B. Pritzker suspending in-person attendance requirements for public meetings, the Housing and Homelessness Commission members and City staff will be participating in this meeting remotely. Due to public health concerns, residents will not be able to provide public comments in-person at the meeting.
Those wishing to make public comments may submit written comments or sign up, by 5pm the day of the meeting, to provide public comments by phone or video during the meeting, or by calling/texting 847-448-4311.

Sign-up to make a public comment during the meeting or provide a written a public comment using this form:

Agenda & Minutes

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Date Agenda Actions Minutes Packet/Presentations


 08/06/2020  Canceled      
 07/09/2020 Agenda
Public Notice
Public comment form
 07/02/2020 Canceled      
06/04/2020 Canceled      
05/07/2020  Canceled       
04/02/2020  Canceled       
 02/18/2020 Agenda Actions  Minutes  Packet
 02/06/2020 Canceled    
 01/09/2020 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet


12/05/2019 Agenda  Actions Minutes Packet 
11/07/2019 Canceled      
10/03/2019 Canceled      
09/05/2019 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet
08/01/2019 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet   Presentation from EDC
07/11/19 Canceled      
06/06/2019 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet
05/02/2019 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet
04/04/2019 Canceled       
03/07/2019 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet
02/07/2019 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet
01/10/2019 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet
12/06/2018 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet
11/01/2018 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet
10/04/2018 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet
09/06/2018 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet
07/25/2018 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet
07/12/2018 Rescheduled
07/05/2018 Rescheduled
06/19/2018 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet


05/03/2018 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet
04/05/2018 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet
03/01/2018 Rescheduled
02/28/2018 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet
02/01/2018 Canceled
01/11/2018 Agenda Actions Minutes Packet


Members Term Expiration
Ald. Eleanor Revelle
Monika Bobo, Vice-Chair April 2021
Ellen Cushing* February 2020
Larry Donoghue, Chair June 2021
Kathy Feingold June 2022
Moika Long*
July 2020
Renee Phillips
June 2021

*2nd Term