Affordable Housing Resources

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Inclusionary Housing

Evanston's Inclusionary Housing Program involves private sector developers in helping to meet the City's goal of diverse housing opportunities for residents of all income levels by increasing home purchase opportunities throughout the City for moderate income Evanston workers or renters. The program requires 10% of the units in new, residential, owner-occupied developments to be Affordable Dwelling Units, available to low and moderate income households at below market prices.

Inclusionary Housing Requirements - New Construction, Planned Developments

Housing Rehab Loans and Grants

The Rehabilitation Program provides owner-occupants and owners of residential structures with financial assistance based upon family size and income. Often, recipients cannot afford the necessary improvements to their property without subsidies. Housing Rehabilitation funding provides the most immediate source of funding to address issues of safety and well-being for low income residents. In order to ensure funds are utilized in the best manner, the city uses a priority ranking to decide which projects to fund and when. Health and safety risks, followed by structures where it is apparent violations will exist in the near future are addressed on an immediate or near-term basis.

Plan for Affordable Housing

Homebuying Counseling Resources

Home Affordable Federal Program