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Landlord and Tenant Resources

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The City of Evanston is committed to promoting non-discrimination and ensuring fair and equal housing opportunities for all Evanston residents. Below are City ordinances related to housing rights and the model lease agreement:

Additional information about Fair Housing may be found in the City’s Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice

COVID-19 information

  Guidance for renters during COVID-19 webinar : April 22, 6pm  Watch the video  |  View the presentation
  Guidance for landlords during COVID-19 webinar : April 29, 6pm  Watch the video |   View the presentation
  Guidance for renters  during COVID-19 in Spanish : May 6, 6pm  Watch the video  |  View the presentation


    Have affordable rental units that are vacant and available to rent?

    Sign-up on this form so our local partners looking for affordable housing for their clients can get in touch and help you fill vacant units. 

Landlords & Tenants Issues

The City of Evanston has contracted Metropolitan Tenants Organization (MTO) and Lawyers Committee for Better Housing (LCBH) for residents and landlords needing assistance with landlord-tenant issues. 

MTO Hotline : contact through 311 or  directly at 773-292-4988. 
Opening hours: Monday through Friday, 1-5pm. 
Callers can also  leave a message outside opening hours. MTO will get back to them within 2 business days.

In addition, MTO is partnering with Lawyers Committee for Better Housing for legal consultation services. This collaboration with LCBH will help low-income tenants avoid displacement through free legal representation in eviction cases and illegal lockouts.


Renters Resources

Affordable Housing & Homeless Resources

A comprehensive contacts list of local housing options and agencies that provide affordable housing, public housing and housing for seniors and those with special needs.

Centralized Waitlist

The City has partnered with Community Partners for Affordable Housing (CPAH) to manage its centralized waitlist for affordable units provided through the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance.

If you are interested in getting on the waitlist, please complete the pre-application on CPAH's website. If you have questions, please contact CPAH at 847-681-8746.

City of Evanston Waitlist Policies and Procedures

City of Evanston Annual Income Re-Verification Procedures


Landlords Resources

To register your building(s), please click below.

Register Now

Pay your Rental Registration

Perform a Self-Inspection (for personal records or to prepare for rental inspection)

Property Standards Pre-Inspection Guide

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RENT Evanston is a new City initiative to empower and connect landlords, property owners, and property managers in our city. RENT stands for Rental Empowerment, Networking, and Training. In addition to quarterly newsletters, the City will hold quarterly training sessions and discussions on topics relevant to property management and ownership. 2018 to be posted soon.

All RENT Evanston sessions are free to attend and are held at 6:30 p.m. in the Morton Civic Center's Parasol Room (4th floor), 2100 Ridge Ave., Evanston.

Join us in this initiative to protect investments and property values, and to help make Evanston a more livable city!  For more information please visit the Rental Registration page.

Security Deposit Interest Rates

If a landlord (or property manager) asks for a security deposit, the landlord is required to pay interest if they hold the security deposit for 6 or more months. If the tenant stays in the apartment 12 or more months after they signed their first lease, the landlord can choose between paying the interest on the security deposit or reducing the rent for one month by the amount of interest owed. After the tenant moves out, the landlord must pay them all the interest owed within 30 days.

To figure out how much interest a landlord owes, multiply the security deposit amount by the number in the table below.

Year lease signed Chicago rate Illinois Rate
2020 0.01%  0.01%
2019 0.01%  0.01%
2018 0.01% 0.01%
2017 0.01% 0.01%
2016 0.01% 0.05%
2015 0.01% 0.005%
2014 0.013% 0.005%
2013 0.023% 0.005%
2012 0.057% 0.005%
2011 0.073% 0.195%
2010 0.073% 0.095%
2009 .12% 0.25%
2008 1.26% 0.35%



Healthy homes

Historically, the City of Evanston Health & Human Services Department's focus has been lead in homes built prior to 1978. Recently Healthy Homes, a program developed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the United States Department of Urban Development (USHUD) has caused the department to look at all the parts of a home that influence the health of those inside.

Healthy Homes is made up of of seven principles to keep your home safe, derived from the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH):


  1. Keep it DryPrevent water from entering your home through leaks in the roof, rain water from entering the home due to poor drainage, and check your plumbing for leaks. Moisture in your home can be a source of mold.
  2. Keep it Clean: Control the Source of dust and contaminants, creating smooth and cleanable surfaces, reducing clutter, and using effective wet-cleaning methods.
  3. Keep it Safe: Store poisons out of the reach of children and properly label. Secure loose rugs and keep children's play areas free from hard or sharp surfaces. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and keep fire extinguishers on hand.
  4. Keep it Well-Ventilated: Ventilate bathrooms and kitchens and use whole house ventilation for supplying fresh air to reduce the concentration of contaminants in the home.
  5. Keep it Pest-Free: All pests look for food, water and shelter. Seal cracks and openings throughout the home; store food in pest resistant containers. If needed, use sticky-traps and baits in closed containers, along with least toxic pesticides.
  6. Keep it Contaminant-Free: Reduce lead-related hazards in pre-1978 homes by fixing deteriorated paint, and keeping floors and window areas clean using a wet- cleaning approach. Test your home for radon, a naturally occurring dangerous gas that enters homes through soil, crawlspaces, and foundation cracks.
  7. Keep it Maintained: Inspect, clean and repair your home routinely, call the Community Development Department to find out if you need a Building Permit. Take care of minor repairs and problems before they become large repairs and problems.


Call the Health & Human Services Department at 847/859.7831 for more information or check out the CDC's Healthy Homes Page:  CDC Healthy Homes Page


After Hours Communication

For after hours communicable disease or bioterrorism emergencies, please call 847-448-4311 and stay on the line to be connected to someone immediately.