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Comprehensive Plan

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The Comprehensive Plan is the official statement of local government policy regarding the physical development of the community. While the document is not legally binding, the Plan is both a statement of community values and a list of recommendations for interpreting those values into future land use and capital improvement policies and decisions. The Plan aims to be comprehensive in addressing how physical aspects of the community affect social, economic, and environmental issues. The document represents  a statement of municipal government vision and should act as a guide for other local policies including the Zoning Ordinance and the Capital Improvement Program. The Plan also helps shape future neighborhood plans, corridor plans, and other community improvements. As it addresses the issues of Evanston’s future growth, the Comprehensive Plan should be updated every 10-15 years to reflect the City’s changing social, demographic, economic, physical and political landscapes.

2000 Comprehensive Plan Update

2000 Evanston Comprehensive General Plan

On May 8th, 2000, City Council adopted the 2000 Update to the Evanston Comprehensive General Plan. The plan looks at the city's assets in the context of regional change and seeks to build on them by articulating a series of long-range planning goals. The relative strengths & challenges of general land use, public facilities, circulation, and community environment in Evanston are addressed.

1972 Comprehensive Plan

In 1972, the Evanston Plan Commission adopted the Comprehensive General Plan.  Its three volume format, dividing city-wide issues into the three major themes of Land Use, Transportation and Public Facilities, provides a snapshot of the city during the 1960's and 70's and provides an insight into the issues of 40 years ago.  Many issues from density to affordable housing to transportation are still relevant today.  

1972 Comprehensive Plan - Cover/Introduction

1972 Comprehensive Plan - Land Use

1972 Comprehensive Plan - Transportation