Historic Preservation

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Historic HouseThis program of the Division seeks to cultivate a built environment that reflects Evanston's unique character and history. Members of the Preservation Commission work to sustain the architectural vitality of City neighborhoods by aiding in the restoration, rehabilitation, and conservation of landmark buildings and the preservation of historic districts. The Preservation Coordinator helps owners in the preservation and rehabilitation and conservation of their homes, as well as assisting residents in obtaining a certificate of appropriateness. Both strive to preserve Evanston's diversity through its architecture.

Historic Preservation Certificate of Appropriateness

Approval by the Historic Preservation Commission is necessary for the alteration, construction, relocation, and demolition of landmark buildings and properties in historic districts when a permit is required and when the proposed work is visible from the street of public way. For more information on this process and how approval is obtained, please contact Carlos Ruiz, the Preservation Coordinator at 847-448-4311, or cruiz@cityofevanston.org.

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2018 COA application for MAJOR work

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Preservation Fee Schedule

Evanston Landmarks Inventory Report 2015 (Outside Historic Districts)



200 Lee & 999 Michigan 522 Forest 614 Clark 701 Forest 726 Sheridan 1030 Lake Shore
1127 Forest (not available) 1300 Church 1323 Ashland 1422 Judson 1426 Mulford 1730 Chicago
2110 Orrington 2241 Sherman 2307 Grey 2412 Lincolnwood 2731 Noyes 70 Arts Circle Ryan Center
70 Arts Circle Ryan Landscape 630 Emerson 633 Clark 640 Colfax 720 University Place 1501 Central
1860 Campus Dr. 2131 Tech Dr. 2145 Sheridan 2211 Campus Dr. 2321 Sheridan Shakespeare Garden