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Amendments to Zoning Ordinance, Map or Text

Amendment Information for Neighbors (Standards)

Public Hearings Information for Noticed Neighbors

Online Form - Apply NowApplication for Map Amendment

Printable Form: Application for Map Amendment

Online Form - Apply NowApplication for Text Amendment

Printable Form: Application for Text Amendment

General Applicant's Data Form: Required for all amendment, zoning variance, appeals, special use or other zoning relief applications.

Comprehensive Plan: Goals, Objectives & Policies/Actions

Comprehensive Plan Information

Fee Schedule for Zoning

Zoning Fee Schedule (effective January 1, 2018)

Home Occupations

Online Form - Apply NowApplication & Information, Home Occupations

Printable Form: Application & Information, Home Occupations 

Zoning District Summary Sheets

These one-page information sheets are summaries of the zoning regulations for the City's most referred-to districts. PLEASE NOTE that these summary sheets do not give an exhaustive list of requirements for a property in any district, but are intended to provide a convenient reference for the most requested information.

R1 - R3 Residential Districts (pdf, updated 12-19-16)

R4 - R6 Residential Districts (pdf, updated 12-19-16)

B1 - B3 Business Districts (pdf, updated 1-4-17)

C1 - C2 Commercial Districts (pdf, updated 1-27-17)

D1 - D4 Downtown Districts (pdf, updated 1-13-17)

I1 - I3 Industrial Districts (pdf, updated 1-19-17)

MU - MUE - MXE Transitional Manufacturing (pdf, updated 2-14-17)

ALLOWABLE USES by Zoning District (Use Matrix) Updated Nov. 2009

This chart identifies uses that are allowed in each zoning district.

USE DEFINITIONS excerpts from Chapter 18 of the Zoning Ordinance. Updated Nov. 2009

Plat Approval, Subdivision, Resubdivision and Consolidation

A plat is a map of an individual parcel or parcels of real estate. Generally a plat graphically identifies the boundaries of a coherent piece of land as identified through documents recorded with the Cook County Recorder of Deeds. The plat also may show the location of various features on, in or above the land. Under certain circumstances the division or joining of parcels of land may trigger State or City requirements to record a new plat. The applications below concern this process.

Subdivision Application.pdf

Application for Subdivision for Historic Preservation Review.pdf (for landmarks and historic district properties)

Zoning Analysis Application

Residential Districts General Information


Residential Garages and Other Accessory Structures

Restaurants (Food Establishments) and Sidewalk Cafés

Food establishment business licenses and sidewalk café permits are managed by the Health and Human Services Department.