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The purpose of the Transportation & Mobility Website is to assist community members in learning about local transportation resources, projects and policies/initiatives. It is serves as a launching off point for “How to Get around Evanston” and “What is happening in Evanston regarding Transportation.”

Getting Around

In Evanston getting around is easy. The city is served by an extensive public transit system as well as streets easily navigable on foot, by bike and car. Buses and trains make getting around town and to and from neighboring communities and two major airports convenient.


CTA Metra blue-04

Transit: Instead of taking a car next time when you go grocery shopping or head off to work, consider utilizing Evanston's extensive public transportation system outlined in this section.



Driving: There are still instances where using public transportation or biking may not meet your needs, but just because you need to use a car doesn't mean that owning your own is the only option.


Bicyclists blue-01Biking: Evanston benefits from having multiple bike routes and paths allowing you to use your bike to your next destination. This section outlines all the options that Evanston has to offer.


Pedestrians blue-02Walking: Evanston is a beautiful city with many destinations located closely to one another. This section outlines the areas of Evanston that are experienced best by walking.


Transportation and Mobility Annual Goals

  • Generate meaningful opportunities for community member engagement and promote inclusionary planning practices through the completion of Phase 1 of the Transit Planning 4 All program
  • Improve connections and expand options for addressing first/last mile networks to transit within Evanston for all community members through expanding the Divvy bike share program through an eleventh station and over 20,000 annual trips that start in Evanston  
  • Improve healthy-active transportation connections, transit services and on-demand transportation access through new development proposals and partnership agreements
  • Work across agencies within Evanston to maintain and grow a reliable, safe, accessible, and active transportation network
  • Embed T&M programs, policies, and priorities into City livability initiatives

Contact Evanston 311 for Service Requests

  • Bike RacksEvanston_311-B
  • Public Transit Agency Issue
  • Streets and Sanitation 
  • Street Sweeping
  • Sidewalk - Maintenance
  • Senior Transportation/Health Care Clinic
  • Taxi Complaints
  • Ask a Question / Send a Message

City Policies and Initiatives

Complete and Green Streets Policy Update (Resolution 55-R-17) - The City of Evanston updated its Complete and Green Streets Policy on June 12, 2017. The policy update strengthens the 2014 Policy's design consideration for older adults and people with disabilities; develops an annual reporting structure; and, establishes transportation demand management requirements for select private developments. 

Divvy Bike Share Program - The Divvy Bike Share Program rolled into the City of Evanston in June 2016 with 10 stations and 100 bikes. An additional station was added in August 2017. To learn more about this program, where stations are located and how to become a member please visit the Divvy Evanston website

Multi-modal Transportation Plan - This plan provides long range planning strategies for accommodating all forms of transportation in Evanston.

Anti-idling Ordinance 10-4-18 - Adopted on June 26, 2006, this ordinance prohibits standing or parked vehicles that are over 8,000 lbs. in gross weight from idling their engines for more than five minutes in any 60 minute period. The City of Evanston uses biodiesel (B20) in all of its diesel fleet. B20 has fewer harmful emissions than regular diesel.

News and Announcements

Projects around Evanston


  • Clean Air Counts  - Offers a variety of air pollution reduction strategies to both businesses and residents.
  • CTA - The Chicago Transit Authority provides cleaner commuting options through bus and rail service.
  • Metra - Metra provides an expansive rail system that connects the entire Chicagoland area.
  • Enterprise CarShare (formerly iGO) - Car sharing network that allows customers to rent cars whenever they need them.
  • ZipCar - Car sharing network that enables its members to use a car on demand.


  • 847-448-4311