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Tornado Safety Tips

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Tornado Danger Signs

  • Severe thunderstorms – frequent lightning, heavy rains and strong winds.
  • Hail – bullets of ice from a dark cloudy sky.
  • Roaring noise – like ten jet planes or a hundred railroad trains.
  • Funnel – a dark, spinning “rope” or column from the sky to the ground.

Listen to radio and television broadcasts to determine the situation.
A TORNADO WATCH means conditions are right for a tornado to develop.
A TORNADO WARNING means a tornado has been sighted.

During a Tornado

  • tornado[1]Stay out of cars, mobile homes and trailers. If in a vehicle, get out and take cover by laying flat in the nearest ditch, ravine or depression.
  • If walking outside, find the nearest ditch and lie flat in it.
  • In the home, move to a basement or lowest level. Try to locate yourself in a windowless room. If possible get under a heavy table or workbench.
  • In the workplace, go to interior hallways in the lowest floor of a building or seek a sheltered area.
  • In schools, follow instructions of school authorities. Move to interior walls, away from wide spanning roofs.
  • A good investment in tornado preparedness is a Weather Radio that broadcasts only severe weather information as it is released by the National Weather Service. Severe weather radios are available in most radio stores.