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Visit the Health and Human Services Department's COVID-19 webpage for the latest updates.

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See the CDC’s list of coronavirus FAQs. Evanston-specific FAQs are below.

How have City services been impacted?
Are parks, recreation facilities and libraries open?
Are City meetings and events canceled?
The City of Evanston has declared a State of Emergency. What does this mean?
What does social distancing mean?
Is there a shortage of COVID-19 test kits?
Is Evanston tap water safe to drink during the COVID-19 pandemic?
What health and safety measures are being implemented by food service establishments?
Is food service available to youth during school closures?
What is the City doing to help small businesses?
How can I stay informed?
How can I support Evanston businesses?
What does the "Stay at Home" Order mean for me?
Is my company considered an "essential" business?