Farmers Market License

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Vendors offering consumable goods at an Evanston farmers market are required to obtain a license from the Evanston Health Department

New Vendors to apply online go to:  FARMERS MARKET LICENSE APPLICATION (preferred)

RENEWAL Farmers Market License Application (renewal applicants only)

For IDPH Guidelines go to: Farmers Market Food Safety Guide.

Terms of License: Renewable Annually - Valid for participation in all Farmers' Markets during calendar year. Farmers Market License fee is determined by Risk Type and payable upon approval of the license application.

Risk 1 (High) Annual Fee $275: Food sold requires extensive handling or have been implicated in Food Borne Illness outbreaks or recalls. Vendors considered Risk 1 shall include but not be limited to the following:

·         Shell Eggs
·         Meats and Poultry
·         Fish
·         Milk and Cheese products
·         Honey (excludes raw/unadulterated honey)
·         Apple Cider and other fruit/ vegetable juices
·         Garlic-in-oil
·         Low acid canned foods
·         Baby food 

Risk 2 (Medium) Annual Fee $200: Food sold requires minimal handling and has not been implicated in a food borne illness outbreak or recall. Any products that are cut for sampling, removed from their packaging and given out to consumers including produce, baked goods, and dairy products (cheese). 

Risk 3 (Low) Annual Fee $125: Food sold is prepackaged in a commercial facility, and is not removed from its packaging. 

Fresh, uncut, whole, unprocessed fruits, vegetables and raw/unadulterated honey are exempt from licensure or fees described above, with the provision that there is no sampling.

CONTACT: Ellyn Golden, Licensing Coordinator, email: or call 847-448-4311.

Farmers Market Checklist - review items that apply to the product and type of food service being offered.


If you wish to sell home baked goods at farmers markets in Illinois, an Evanston resident may register with the Evanston Health Department as a Cottage Food Vendor.  

Bake Sales as Fundraisers at Farmers Markets

Non-potentially hazardous foods such as cookies, cakes and fruit pies, which have not frequently been associated with foodborne illness, may be prepared in non-inspected kitchens provided the products are sold or distributed on an occasional basis (e.g., a fundraiser for a non-profit organization) and not a routine business.  It is strongly recommended, however, that this preparation take place in a controlled environment such as a club or church kitchen or licensed food establishment.