Shared Kitchens

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A shared, rental kitchen or a commissary is an established licensed commercial kitchen where other food service providers can go to prepare and store food.

A rented, shared kitchen or commissary is any licensed establishment used as a place of business for the primary purpose of leasing, utilizing, or renting its commercial kitchen to food vendors or businesses for food preparation,food storage, product development, food packaging or any other food-related purposes to the public by selling or providing its products through retail, wholesale, mobile food vending, temporary food events, fundraisers, seasonal food events or any outlet where the public can buy or consume such products.

The renter works under the food establishment license of the owner of the facility.  No additional license is issued.

If you are either the owner of the licensed business or a business who leases, utilizes or rents the licensed commercial kitchen for food preparation or packaging please read the following document for information regarding policies and requirements.

Policy for Shared Kitchens

Renter please submit this online form:  Rental Kitchen - Food Safety information Form.

If you are unable to submit online use the this version Rental Kitchen - Food Safety Information Form (printable)

If you are considering doing catered events, please refer to our webpage Temporary Food Events for information and requirements.