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The Law Department is the primary legal advisory to Elected Officials, City Departments, and Boards and Commissions.

The Law Department represents the City in litigation either against or by the City, land acquisition, and disposition, assessments, prosecutes non-jailable violations of the Illinois Vehicle Code, City ordinance violations, including housing violations. The Law Department drafts and/or reviews all ordinances, resolutions, and City contracts. The Law Department represents the City as an entity. It does not provide legal services or advice to individuals or businesses.   

Please visit the Administrative Hearings web page for information and forms used in tow, immobilization and other administrative hearings.


Michelle L. Masoncup

Interim Corporation Counsel

Mario Treto, Jr.

Assistant City Attorney

Alexandra B. MacKey

Assistant City Attorney

Theresa Whittington

Liquor License Manager/Legal Analyst

Lindsey Ott

Administrative Assistant