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Fencing is an exciting sport full of action! Fencing requires patience, concentration, discipline and self-awareness. It's rewards are self-confidence, self-control and emotional strength that leads to a healthier lifestyle.

Chandler-Newberger will provide most of the equipment needed for fencing. We have jackets, masks and weapons. We require participants to purchase a glove and underarm protector, as these are personal items. These items should be purchased prior to your first class or camp.  They are not available for purchase from the instructor.

Fencers wear the glove on their dominate hand, this is the same hand they use to hold their weapon.  The underarm protector is worn under the fencing jacket. A sizing chart for both items is below.

To see an example of a fencing glove click here.*

To see an example of an underarm protector click here.*
*we are not making any type of recommendation on who or where to purchase these items, the links above are for reference only.

For more information on fencing gear, including an explanation of what is needed and why, please visit fencing.net.

We also require participants to be a non-competitive member of the United States Fencing Association (the fee to sign up is $10). You can register for that membership here. Please bring your membership information with you to your first class.

Our fencing classes are offered for beginning through advanced level fencers. Private lessons are also available, please call Michelle at 847-448-8681 for more information on private lessons.

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 Fencing Instructor-Diana Unger