Public Ice Skating

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TGIF: DJ Skate Nights


Will return in September 2019

7:30-9pm  on Main Rink

$8 Adults
$6 Students w/ID
$3 Children ages 5 and under

Skate Rental Fee: $3 per pair

Annual Pass does not include entrance to DJ Skates.

Public Skate Hours  

June 10 - September 1, 2019 

Studio Rink                                                             Main Rink
Tues/Thurs       6:30 - 8pm                                     Fri / Sat       7:30pm - 9:00pm

                                                                                         Sun                1 - 2:30pm

Sa                         4:30-6pm

Free Teen Skate    Studio    Mon    6:30-8pm


Studio Rink              $6 Adults, $4 Student w/ID, $2 Child 5 & under
Main Rink                $7 Adults, $5 Students w/ID, $3 Child 5 & under
Skate Rental            $3 per pair

Annual Skating Pass    $90

Public Ice Skating Rules

•  All Skaters must pay the public skating fee.  Annual Public Skating Pass Holders must present their annual pass for entry.

•  Annual pass holders and skaters not renting skates must have a wristband to enter the ice.  Wristbands are provided when checking in at the front office.

•  Dress warmly.  Long sleeves, pants and gloves are encouraged.  Rink temperature averages around 60 degrees. 

•  Patrons must wear skates on the ice.

•  No stick or puck play (ball) allowed.

•  Food and beverages are not permitted on the ice at anytime.

•  Skates are not allowed in the bleacher area.

•  Skaters are not allowed to carry children or secondary items such as cell phones, cameras, handbags, etc. while skating.

•  Patrons may not sit on, lean over, or leave articles on the dasher boards.

•  For skater's protection, headphones, earbuds are not permitted while skating.

•  All exits are to be kept clear at all times.

•  No more than two people can skate together.

•  Helmets are strongly recommended for all participants.

•  Roughness, excessive speeding, weaving through skaters, horseplay, tag or chasing is not allowed.

•  Figure Skating (jumps, spins) are not allowed on public skate sessions.

•  During resurfacing all doors must remain closed and no one is permitted on the ice.

•  Incidents or malicious destruction are to be reported immediately.

•  Please leave the ice promptly when session has concluded.

•  Please report any rule violation to a Skate Guard or center personnel.

Accidentally leave an article of clothing behind?  Check the Lost and Found at the Front Office.