Athletic Fields

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Athletic Field Permit Calendars

Below are calendars to the athletic fields in our different parks. The affiliate organizations are given blocks of times and they then schedule games or practices for their individual teams accordingly. These calendars are meant to help you determine when a particular athletic field is either open or has already been reserved.

Bent Park (April - June)

Butler Park (April - June)

Foster Park (April - July)

James Park Baseball Fields (April - August)

James Park Soccer Fields (April - June)

Leahy Park (April - July)

Lovelace Park (April - June)

Mason Park (April - July)

Tallmadge Park (April - July)

Athletic Field Rainout Line

The City of Evanston is now utilizing Rainout Line to help keep leagues, coaches and parents informed when athletic fields are either open or closed for play.  There are a few different ways to utilize this resource:

  • Click on the banner below and sign-up for text/email alerts
  • Download the free mobile app for iPhone or Android and search "Evanston Parks & Recreation"
  • Call 847-448-0034 to hear the status of the athletic fields
Rainout Line
(847) 448-0034
View on-line,
sign-up for alerts,
or use the free app!