Snow Shoveling Program

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Those seeking help and those who would like to volunteer are encouraged to sign up. The City of Evanston's Senior & Disabled Persons Snow Shoveling program connects residents with volunteers who are willing to provide snow shoveling services. Volunteers will be needed for the entire winter 2018-19 snow season.

Evanston residents often request assistance during harsh winters for snow shoveling and by residents providing their contact information to the program list, Evanston residents can be provided with a complete list of available volunteers in their area. The resident is responsible for contacting the volunteer from the list provided them by the city's volunteer program and for making scheduling arrangements. The volunteer is responsible for completing the task or notifying the resident if they are unable to complete the work.

The Program is in its eighth year of connecting residents with volunteers. The success of this program will benefit seniors and those with disabilities along with showing what a great volunteer spirit there is in Evanston.

To Register for Assistance

Seniors or those with disabilities can register for the program by filling out the form below or calling 3-1-1.

Online Snow Shoveling Assistance Form

Mail-in Form Snow Shoveling Assistance Form (PDF)



The City of Evanston is looking to connect individuals that are willing to help shovel sidewalks and driveways to seniors and the disabled in Evanston. This referral service will link volunteers who will shovel and residents who are unable to shovel. The volunteers’ contact information will be provided to the resident and the resident is responsible for contacting the volunteer.  Remember, this is a free service and there should be no exchange of money and/or goods.  

Volunteer to assist with snow shoveling form (PDF) or call 3-1-1.