Evanston can be extremely proud of its Police Department’s efforts to create a new style of policing. Our mission reflects a balance of traditional and innovative policing methods, supporting our view that crime and disorder problems are most successfully addressed by police working in partnership with the community.

Our programs and services have been designed to reach out, connect, and work with the community. We have developed a way of policing with our community – a Partnership – one that is uniquely Evanston’s. At the foundation of our Partnership philosophy is a problem-solving strategy that relies on a supportive and involved public, with frequent contacts between us, and a commitment, not only from the department, but also from the community we serve.

Richard Eddington
Chief of Police

Police Dashboard 

What do we measure and why?

The Evanston Police Department initiated its “dashboard” to increase transparency and heighten accountability, as well as to provide a quick and easy way for residents and other stakeholders to view 10 data-sets the department frequently receives questions about.  

How does one access the data-set?

Simply click on a data-set. You will be routed to an expanded page that briefly explains the data-set and provides current relevant statistics.    

How can one track monthly data changes?

For each data-set in which a comparison can be made, e.g., number of complaints, the current statistics will be compared with those of the previous month. If the change is favorable, the data will be green, if unfavorable, the data will be red. Additionally, an arrow pointing up indicates an increase in the data, whereas an arrow pointing down indicates a decrease. A horizontal arrow indicates no change. 

What data do you want to see?

If you have a suggestion regarding improvement of the dashboard, or if you have a data-set you would like to see included in it, please contact the department at police@cityofevanston.org


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