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1st, 2nd, 3rd Detail Patrol Operations

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policetahoeThe Field Operations Division responds to calls for police service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Uniformed Police Officers continuously patrol on foot and in vehicles to deter crime, as well as, to detect apprehend, and process individuals involved in criminal activity. The Division provides assistance to citizens such as directions, transportation to the hospital, referrals to other agencies, lost property, nuisance complaints, and towed vehicles.

Police officers are trained to partner with citizens to recognize crime and quality of life issues in the police beats and work with the citizens in resolving and reducing occurrences of these types of problems.


csiEvidence Technicians (ETs) are assigned to each of the three (24 hour) Patrol Shifts. Evidence Technicians are trained to provide a professional response to a crime scene to identify, protect, secure, collect and process items of evidentiary value. The ET is in charge of the crime scene for activities of evidence identification, collection and to preserve physical evidence as required in the State of Illinois Manual for Laboratory Analysis.




aiAccident Investigators (AIs) are also assigned to each of the three (24 hour) Patrol Shifts. AIs are trained to provide a professional response to traffic crash scenes to collect factual information identifying and describing people, roads, and vehicles involved; describing the results of the crash in terms of danger to vehicles and roadside objects, injuries to people, marks and residue on the road, and final positions of vehicles and bodies. Interpretation of these facts in terms of behavior of road users involved; and, sometimes, an attempt to specify the peculiar combination of factors required to produce that particular crash.