Investigative Services Division

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Deputy Chief

This Investigative Services Division is comprised of the Detective Bureau, Juvenile Bureau, Special Operations Group and Police Social Services.



The Detective Bureau investigates all criminal offenses in which both the victim and suspect are adults as defined by state law. Detectives work everyday of the year that cover the hours from 6:30AM until 12:00 midnight. Major Incidents that require the response of a detective to a crime scene after normal hours of operation will be then be subject to call out by the unit's supervisor.

The detective bureau is supervised by two sergeants and headed by a commander who reports directly to the deputy chief of the investigative services division. The unit has the majority of detectives designated as general assignment which entail investigating a broad range of crimes from theft to murder.  The bureau has a designated detective assigned to domestic violence investigations and a detective dedicated to financial crimes. This is done due to the complex issues that arise from both types of cases that require separate court appearances and documents needed for the investigations.



Juvenile Bureau detectives handle criminal investigations involving offenders and/or victims that are not considered adults by state law. Daily schedules of juvenile detectives are similar to that of the detective bureau and often investigators from both units work side by side when needed in certain types of criminal investigations.  The unit is headed by a commander and a sergeant that over see the day to day operations of the unit and report directly to the division deputy chief.

Juvenile detectives are also responsible for handling the processing of minors charged with criminal offenses. This includes, station adjustments of minors, petitioning a minor to court for delinquency (comparable to applying criminal charges in an adult case but with a minor), placing minors in alternative housing, referring minors for restorative justice and working with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services in abuse cases.    

Juvenile detectives are also responsible for working closely with the local school districts and have designated school resource officers (SROs) that are assigned to Evanston Township High School, Middle Schools and Elementary Level Schools when needed, to address issues that may arise concerning safety while students in this learning environment.  School Resource Officers work very closely with school staff to ensure school campuses are safe for students, staff and authorized visitors.

Juvenile detectives also conduct tobacco compliance checks several times a year to ensure that no unlawful sales of tobacco products are being sold to minors under the age of 18.



The special operations groups is comprised of investigators that are divided into two sections.  The Neighborhood Enforcement Team, which handles illegal drug sales and gang related issues and the Tactical Unit which operates as group and focuses on crime patterns that occur within Evanston.  The personnel assigned to this unit most often work in civilian attire but occasionally are required to work in uniform for a visible police presence for certain events or incidents that may occur. The group is overseen by a commander and each unit is supervised by a sergeant. The commander of the group reports directly to the deputy chief of the division.

The special operations group also conducts undercover police operations in conjunction with federal, state, county and other local police agencies when needed to address criminal organizations. These operations have proven to a be a successful tool in reducing violence, street crime and narcotics sales within the community.



Police Social Services operates closely with investigative personnel and are licensed social workers assigned to the Victim Services Unit and the Youth Services Bureau.  The Victim Services Bureau work closely with victim's of crime and family members of crime victim's in serious crimes to ensure victim's needs and rights are protected during an investigation.

The Youth Services Bureau work with youthful offenders and their families to assist in providing counseling and guidance for troubled youth.  Restorative justice is key component of the Youth Services Bureau's pathway to correcting poor behavior that has influenced minors having contact with police.