Arrests/Contact Cards/Suspects

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Field Contact Cards/Suspects/Arrests—Measured on a quarterly basis, this data-set relates to investigatory street stops, wherein the officer has reasonable suspicion that a person is about to commit, is committing, or has committed a crime.  The officer is required to complete a field contact card and the contact should last only as long as is needed to determine if there exists probable cause for arrest.

Note:  “Reasonable suspicion”—a standard established by the U.S. Supreme Court and less stringent than “probable cause”—holds that a police officer is allowed to stop and briefly detain a person if, “based on the officer’s training and experience,” there is an “articulable reason” to believe the individual is engaged in criminal activity.

To assist in evaluating whether officers are using investigatory street stops appropriately, suspect information provided by complainants is included for the same time period, for purposes of comparison.

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