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Police Policies & Training FAQ

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How many sworn officers and non-sworn employees does the Evanston Police Department currently have, and what is the department’s racial demographic composition?
What are the primary functions of the EPD?
Do EPD officers wear body cameras? What is the protocol for the use of cameras?
Who has access to view the body-worn camera recordings?
How can I access body-worn camera recordings of my interaction with the police?
Does the City employ "Stop and Frisk"?
Is the EPD's Use of Force policy available online?
Can officers use chokeholds and strangleholds in Evanston?
Are all use of force incidents required to be reported? If so, to who?
Is there a duty for officers to intervene if another officer is violating the law or EPD policy?
Are officers required to give warnings or exhaust all other use of force alternatives before drawing a weapon?
Are officers allowed to shoot at moving vehicles?
Describe the Evanston Police Department’s complaint process and the levels of discipline if an officer is found to have violated rules, policies or laws.
Is there a citizen review process of complaints filed against police officers?
How many complaints were filed against the EPD in 2019 and 2020?
In late May 2020, police used force (a takedown) on a subject. When will the investigation be complete? What will happen with the findings and any recommendations?
Can you please describe the type of training, including de-escalation, EPD personnel receive? When was the last training?