Emerson St./ Ridge Ave./ Green Bay Rd. Corridor Project

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Emerson Ridge Green Bay Corridor Project map

Project Summary

This project  involves the improvement and reconfiguration of the Emerson/Ridge/Green Bay intersection, including traffic signal modernization. The elevation difference between southbound Green Bay Road and northbound Ridge Avenue will be eliminated as part of the intersection improvement. This project also includes the reconfiguration of Green Bay Road from McCormick Boulevard to Emerson Street from the existing four lanes to a three-lane roadway cross section with a left turn lane at the cross streets.

Traffic signal modernization at the following six intersections:

  • Ridge Avenue & Green Bay Road
  • Ridge Avenue & Emerson Street
  • Green Bay Road & Emerson Street
  • Asbury Avenue & Emerson Street
  • Green Bay Road & Simpson Street
  • Green Bay Road & Noyes Street

 Construction activities to occur:

  • The project also includes a new signal at Green Bay Road and Asbury Avenue; interconnection and timing coordination of all traffic signals are included in the project.
  • Streetscape improvements on Green Bay Road from McCormick Boulevard to Emerson Street, including sidewalk widening and lighting improvements.
  • Water main improvements on: Asbury Avenue (Emerson Street to Green Bay Road), Green Bay Road (Asbury Avenue to Noyes Street), Emerson Street (Green Bay Road to Ridge Avenue), Ridge Avenue (Emerson Street to Garnett Place).
  • Sewer improvements throughout project limits.
  • Lighting improvements under the Union Pacific viaduct.
  • Bridge Modifications on Green Bay Road over the North Shore Channel, including relocating the barrier wall on the east side to widen the sidewalk. 

Additional information:
Emerson/Ridge/Green Bay Corridor Scope of Work

Project Limits

  • Emerson Street from Asbury to Oak Avenues
  • Ridge Avenue from Clark Street to Garnett Place
  • Green Bay Road from Ridge Avenue to McCormick Boulevard
  • Asbury Avenue from Emerson Street to Green Bay Road


Start Date: May 16, 2016
Contract Completion Date: Early November 2016

Start Date: April 17, 2016
Contract Completion Date: June 2017

Project Manager: 

Sat Nagar
For questions, please call 847-448-4311

Current Project Phase:


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Emerson/ Ridge/ Green Bay Corridor Project

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Emerson/ Ridge/ Green Bay Corridor Project
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