2018 Water Main Improvements & Street Resurfacing Project

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Project Summary:

This project consists of the installation of approximately 4,253 feet of new water main of various diameters, approximately 974 feet of new 24-inch relief sewer, and 299 feet of combined and storm sewer of various diameters at locations throughout the City. The water mains to be replaced or rehabilitated are selected by condition based on the number of main breaks or selected to improve system capacity to meet anticipated fire flow demand and are coordinated with the list of streets needing to be resurfaced as much as possible. The sewer extension on Hinman will provide combined sewer relief to reduce the magnitude and frequency of sewer surcharging in the area. Colfax Street and Dewey Avenue will be resurfaced after completion of the water main work. Colfax Place, Lawndale Avenue, Madison Place, and Hinman Avenue will be patched after completion of the water main work and sewer work. Hinman Avenue is scheduled to be resurfaced using MFT funds in the summer of 2018.

This project also includes replacing five outdoor drinking fountains at various parks throughout the City.  These fountains are recommended to be replaced due to their condition and age.  The fountains are located at Beck, Ellingwood, Clyde-Brummel, McCulloch, and Raymond parks. This project is scheduled to begin in May 2018 and be completed in November 2018.

Project Locations:





 Colfax Place
 Crawford Avenue
 East End Alley
 Water Main & Patching
Colfax Street
Bryant Avenue Ridge Avenue Water Main & Resurfacing
 Dewey Avenue
 Grove Street
 Church Street
 Water Main & Resurfacing
 Hinman Avenue
 Keeney Street
 Kedzie Street
Relief Sewer & Patching
 Lawndale Avenue
 Elgin Road
 Grant St.
 Water Main & Patching
 Madison Place
 West End
 Hartrey Avenue
 Water Main & Patching

Project Manager: 

Chris Venatta
For questions, please call 847-448-4311

Current Project Phase:


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