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Streets, Water, Sewer (Major)   

Main Street  Improvements


Maple to Hinman

This project includes roadway rehabilitation/reconstruction, water main replacement, sidewalk, streetscape, pedestrian crossings and street light improvements. The traffic signal at Main/Sherman intersection will also be modernized.  The City has applied for Illinois Transportation Enhancement Program (ITEP) Grant Funds for this project  418006 Rajeev Dahal 
Streets, Water, Sewer (Major)   

Main Street  Improvements


McDaniel to Hartery

This project includes improvements to streetscape, traffic signal upgrades, intersection alignment modifications and resurfacing. Phase 1 improvements, the western segment from west city limits to Hartrey Avenue, is planned to be improved first in 2019. Phase 2 improvements from Hartrey to Dodge Ave will follow in future years. 416535  Rajeev Dahal  
Streets Grove, Dewey to Wesley
419002 Sat Nagar
Streets Hinman, south to Keeney
419002 Sat Nagar
Streets Culver, Crawford to Prospect
419002 Sat Nagar
Streets Jenks, Poplar to Broadway
419002 Sat Nagar
Streets Jenks, Hampton to Asbury
419002 Sat Nagar
Streets Brown, Brummel to North End
419002 Sat Nagar
Streets Keeney, Dewey to Florence
419002 Sat Nagar
Streets Green Bay, McCormick to Isabella  Patching Only 419002 Sat Nagar

30 Inch Transmission Main Rehabilitation

CIPP Sewer Rehabilitation 2018

Emerson / Ridge/ Green Bay Corridor Project

Emerson Water Meter Vault

Howard Street Corridor Improvement Project

Inspection of Large Diameter Water Mains

Large Diameter Sewer Rehabilitation – Mulford Phase 2

Main Street Corridor Improvements

MFT Street Resurfacing - 2018

Sheridan Road / Chicago Ave Improvements

Water Main & Street Resurfacing Project - 2018