Safe Routes to School

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Project Summary:

Solar Speed Feedback Signs display the speeds of vehicles as they pass by. These signs are often used around schools or parks, have been proven to reduce vehicle speeds. They can be used alone or in conjunction with other pedestrian safety tools. This project includes the installation of permanent solar speed feedback signs at 20 locations where elementary and middle school children cross the street. The signs are effective tools for showing the automobile drivers the speeds that they are driving at any given time, and assist them to better comply with the posted speed limits. The signs will also have "slow down" message to alert and educate drivers that they are exceeding the speed limit and that they should reduce their speed. As these signs are used for encouragement and educational purposes, they are not equipped with cameras for enforcement purposes. The project is funded through the Federal Safe Routes to School Program.

Safe Route to School

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Various Locations 

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Rajeev Dahal
For questions, please call 847-448-4311

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