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Water Dist Sys Analysis Header[1]

The water distribution system consists of 156 miles of water main, 1,477 fire hydrants, 2,067 distribution system valves as well as almost 15,000 service connections.  The Distribution Division manages operation, maintenance, and repair of Evanston’s water mains, valves, fire hydrants, and the City’s portion of water service lines.  The City's portion of the customer service line is from the water main to the shut-off valve which is usually located in the parkway. Property owners are responsible for the maintenance and repair of the customer service line from the shut-off valve in the parkway into the property.

This includes repairing water main breaks and water service leaks; and installing new valves, hydrants, and water mains to improve the operation and efficiency of Evanston’s water distribution system.  Annual maintenance programs administered by this division include water main leak surveying, valve exercising, and fire hydrant testing.  The Distribution Division also performs routine water quality sampling in buildings throughout Evanston, and administers the City’s cross connection control program.  These two programs ensure that water remains safe to drink after leaving the water treatment plant.


The above photos depict a Distribution Crew at work making a repair to a 24-inch water main.  As shown above, the amount of utility conduits in the street (phone, gas, electric, street lights, etc.) can make access for repairs a daunting problem