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faucets[1]The Water Filtration Division handles the operation of chemical storage, mixing and settling basins and the filter and backwash system. Filter plant operators work rotating shifts, with one operator on duty at all times to monitor the operation of all treatment equipment, perform laboratory tests and make adjustments as needed to meet water demands that vary with the seasons, weather and the time of day. Maintenance personnel perform maintenance and repairs at 24 filters, chemical feeders, control equipment, motors, pipe systems and other related systems to provide reliable service.

Maintenance is performed twice per year on the flocculating equipment, settling basins, and detention tanks. The sludge cleaned from the settling basins is pumped through an 8" force main into a larger interceptor sewer. This sludge is then treated and disposed of by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.

eleanore3[1]The Water Chemist monitors and tests the quality of the water at various stages throughout the treatment process. Our laboratory is certified to perform bacteriological analysis, turbidity, pH, and fluoride sample analysis. Changes in chemical feed rates are made by the Chief of Filtration and the Water Chemist to provide water of the best possible quality with the lowest expenditure of chemicals.