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Sewer Basin Maps

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The City of Evanston has three sewer systems.  The Combined Sewer System is the City's original sewage collection system.  Most of this system was installed in the early 1900s and is present throughout the City.  It is designed to carry both sanitary sewage and surface runoff from rain events, though the small size of the combined sewer mains limits their ability to convey runoff during heavy rain events. 

The Relief Sewer System is designed to carry storm water as well as overflows from the combined sewer system.  It was installed in strategic areas across the community to reduce the number of basement backups experienced during wet weather.  During dry weather there is generally no flow in the relief sewers, as sewer services are not directly connected to the Relief Sewer System. 

The Storm Sewer System was installed in the southwest part of the City in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  Additional storm sewers were installed in select locations near the North Shore Channel and Lake Michigan as part of the Long Range Sewer Project beginning in the 1990s.  Storm sewers are only utilized during rain events to convey storm water from the street to the channel or the lake. 

Below are links to view maps of the combined, relief, and storm sewer basins, showing pipe sizes and discharge points to waterways and MWRD interceptor sewers.

01 Combined Sewer System

02 Combined Sewer Basins B01 B02 B03 B3A

03 Combined Sewer Basins B04 B04A B05 B06

04 Combined Sewer Basin B07

05 Combined Sewer Basin B08

06 Combined Sewer Basins B09 B10 B11 B1 B13

07 Combined Sewer Basin B81

08 Combined Sewer Basin B82

09 Combined Sewer Basin B83

10 Combined Sewer Basin B84

11 Relief Storm Sewer Systems

12 Relief Storm Basins S01 S04 S81 S82B S87

13 Relief Storm Sewer Basins S03 S06 S06A S82A SMCA SMCB

14 Relief Storm Sewer Basins S07 S07A S09

15 Relief Storm Sewer Basin S10

16 Relief Storm Sewer Basin S82

17 Relief Storm Sewer Basins S11 S13