Waste Reduction

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The City encourages all community members to consider different strategies to reduce their waste impact. This webpage contains information on different approaches, resources and strategies that community member can take to reduce their waste in their home or at work.

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Evanston Releases 2016 Community Solid Waste Survey Data

From early July through early August, 2016, the City of Evanston issued the “Community Solid Waste Survey 2016” to solicit feedback from community members on their existing solid waste service and to gauge public interest in next generation solid waste programs and initiatives. The below report provides a summary of some of the responses to the survey. This is not an exhaustive analysis of each question but a broader report on the survey as a whole and some of the key takeaways.

If you are interested in reviewing the full results from the survey, the City has published a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet version of the responses to the survey which can be found below.

2016 Community Solid Waste Survey Report

Responses from Community Solid Waste Survey