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Mobile Water Station

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About the Station

Water Station-1

The mobile water station uses a flatbed trailer as a base, and its body is made using steel framework and aluminum sheeting. The station includes six separate sinks fitted with water bottle-filling faucets or drinking fountains. A 200-gallon water storage tank underneath the station is filled at the Evanston Water Plant before being delivered to its destination, giving the station more flexible mobility. In addition, written on the side of the mobile water station are some “fun facts” about Evanston’s tap water and tips for being a good steward of our precious water supply.

Drinking tap water as opposed to bottled water is safer, cheaper and better for the environment. The Evanston Water Treatment Plant is required to meet strict water quality standards from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and is rigorously tested and monitored.

Evanston’s tap water is affordable, costing less than a penny per gallon, versus $1.00 or more per bottle of water. In addition, using a re-fillable water bottle saves precious resources. It takes as much water to make a plastic bottle as it does to fill it up with water!

Lake Michigan water is pumped directly to the Evanston Water Treatment Plant and efficiently distributed to homes and businesses via underground pipes. Bottled water is often transported hundreds or thousands of miles away from the bottling plant, which uses a significant amount of fuel.

Reserve the Station

Water Station-2The Mobile Water Station can be rented from the Water Production Bureau. Please note that a fee is charged for set up and take down. Should the water trailer have multiple locations at one event, a fee will be charged for each location. For rates and to reserve the Station call the  Water Production Bureau at 847-448-4311.