Residential Solid Waste

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Different types of residences in Evanston receive different types of solid waste service. Please choose the icon below that you think best matches the type of residence that you live in or are inquiring about. If you cannot find the information you are looking for please call 311. At the bottom of this page you will find information about how to dispose of bulky, large volume, or special items that cannot be placed in the trash or recycled and seasonal services.


  • Specifically any building with 5 or more condominium units and no commercial uses. Excludes any residential building that is mixed use, meaning it has both residential and another use, such as commercial.

Small Residential

  • Specifically any residential building in Evanston with four units or under including, condo buildings, co-op, townhomes and single family homes. Excludes any residential building that is mixed use, meaning it has both residential and another use, such as commercial.

Mixed Use Commercial and Residential

  • Any building that has both residential units and commercial units is considered a mixed use building and is covered by the Commercial Solid Waste Franchise.

5+ Unit Apartment Building

  • Apartment buildings in Evanston that contain 5+ units regardless if they are mixed use buildings.

Student Housing

  • If you live in housing provided by a college or university in Evanston please contact your institution to learn about the solid waste services offered.

Bulk Pick Up

  • The City of Evanston offers the FREE removal of six cubic yards of bulk garbage twice per year, visit the Bulk Pick Up page for the 2017 schedule.

Special Pick-ups

Note: Starting Wednesday, June 1, 2016 Special Pick Up fees will increase to $60 for the first (3) three cubic yards of refuse, and $10 for each additional (1) one cubic yard.

The City of Evanston charges a fee for special pick-ups which are defined as refuse exceeding the capacity of your garbage cart plus one additional bag.

For special pick-ups, a fee of $60 is charged for the first three cubic yards of refuse. For each additional (1) cubic yard of refuse, a fee of $10 will be charged. The charge will be placed on your water bill for payment at a later date.

Special Pick-ups are required after a move-out or move-in, a major clean-up effort, or if you have a large piece of furniture of which you want to dispose.

Please call/text the Public Works Agency at 847-448-4311 to request a special pick-up. Sanitation crews will perform the special pick-up and a fee will be assessed. For convenience, you may dial 311 directly while in Evanston.

Remember that the City is not equipped to and does not pick up construction debris or hazardous materials. A private disposal firm is needed for this material.


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