Equity and Empowerment Commission

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PURPOSE: The purpose of the Equity & Empowerment Commission is to identify and eradicate inequities in City services, programs, human resource practices, and decision-making processes. The goal is to ensure that all residents receive equal service and treatment regardless of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, veteran status, sexual orientation, age, marital status, familial status, disability, gender identity, and gender expression.

MEMBERSHIP: 9 members

QUALIFICATIONS: 1 Alderman, 1 member who has the training and/or experience representing the needs of those who have a physical or mental disability, 5 members who have experience in human rights, social justice advocacy, or similar areas, 1 Spanish speaking member

TERM: 3 years

MEETING PLACE:  Morton Civic Center, 2100 Ridge Ave. 

MEETING TIME: 3rd Thursday


REPORTS TO:  City Council


Commissioners  Term Expiration
Ald. Melissa Wynne  December 2020
Monté Dillard  December 2020
Timothy Eberhart  December 2020
Jane Grover, Chair  December 2020
Delores Holmes  December 2020
Alejandra Ibañez  December 2020
Kathy Lyons  December 2020
Max Weinberg  July  2022


   Agendas    Packets
 01/16/2020  Agenda    Packet
 12/19/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 11/21/2019  Notice of Cancellation    
 10/17/2019 Agenda   Packet
9/19/2019 Agenda    Packet
8/15/2019 Agenda
 Minutes  Packet
 7/22/2019 EE Solutions Only Subcommittee Agenda 
7/18/2019 Agenda
  Minutes  Packet
 06/20/2019  Agenda  Minutes Packet
 05/16/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 04/18/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 03/21/2019  Agenda  Minutes



 02/21/2019  Agenda  Minutes Packet 
 01/17/2019  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 12/20/2018 - CANCELED Agenda 
Notice of Cancellation
 12/01/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 10/25/2018 - CANCELED


Notice of Cancellation

 9/27/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 8/23/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 7/26/2018  Agenda  Minutes Packet
 6/28/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 5/24/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 4/26/2018  Agenda  Minutes  Packet
 3/22/2018  Agenda Minutes  Packet
2/22/2018  Agenda Minutes  Packet
1/18/2018  Agenda Minutes