Fleet Services

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Fleet Services  was merged with Facilities Management in late 2017 under one management.  The Facilities and Fleet Division oversees and maintains over 350 pieces of City equipment including specialized vehicles such as police cars, fire apparatuses, recreation watercraft and construction and forestry trucks.  The Fleet team performs preventative maintenance, makes in-house repairs, plans for work performed by specialized outside vendors, manages the fuel stations and plays a major role in snow operations.  The Fleet team also monitors and plans accordingly for vehicle replacements so that the equipment is reliable and ready to be used for their specific functions.  We work hand in hand with all City staff to provide cooperative customer service through a collective team effort.


Fleet Services consists of the management team and skilled mechanics.  Field and support staff work hard on a daily basis to provide technical knowledge, assess, maintain, repair and replace our vehicles so City staff can safely perform their duties with the necessary equipment.  In 2018, Fleet Services was named one of the "100 Best Fleets in the Americas" due to their collective efforts and new ideas.   Fleet Service's approach is to guide and support City staff's specific Fleet needs and make decisions together in regards to the proper use, durability, repair, maintenance and operations of all City vehicles.  


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