Intergovernmental Affairs

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The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs works with Federal, State and Regional governmental agencies to form mutually beneficial relationships that work to garner resources and financial support to benefit the residents of Evanston.

In September 2009, Evanston’s City Council met to discuss long-term objectives for the city and to make plans on how to achieve those aspirations in the upcoming years. While each Alderman and the Mayor expressed the importance of all City services, they selected twelve goal areas to really focus attention. As one of those goals, the Council and Mayor decided to create a Federal/State/Regional Government Affairs Agenda for Evanston. The Office of Intergovernmental Affairs was created in 2010 to enact the City Council’s plan and address both short and long-term goals.

What the office does:

The office works to coordinate the City of Evanston's state and federal grant applications, as well as serve as an information resource for the City Council on pending State and Federal policies. The office works as a liaison between the City Council, Mayor, City Manager, City staff and the following organizations:

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