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Help Protect Basic Services & Quality of Life in Your Community

The Illinois Legislature and Governor Rauner are considering taking local revenue to patch the state’s budget holes at the expense of Illinois’ cities and villages.  This local revenue funds basic services like police and fire protection, road repairs and maintenance, garbage collection, infrastructure projects, and snowplowing. If the state proposal becomes a reality, Evanston would lose $3.7 million annually. Our community is opposed to raising taxes or eliminating essential services or vital public works projects to make up for the lost revenue.

You Can Help:

  • Tell Springfield that they can’t fix their problem by shifting the burden onto local communities.
  • Visit ProtectMyTown.com to send a letter to your legislators and Governor Rauner urging them not to take our tax dollars.

Governor to Cut $3.7 Million from Evanston

Governor Rauner's state budget proposal includes a 50% cut the municipal share of state income taxes (known as LGDF, the Local Government Distributive Fund). Evanston's share of LGDF (based on anticipated revenues for 2015) is $7,500,456 and a reduction of 50% would be $3.7 million. The LGDF are revenues generated from YOUR income tax dollars that are intended to come back to Evanston to fund general operating expenses such as streets, snowplowing, sidewalks, planning, community development, police and fire---critical services affecting your everyday lives. On March 16th Evanston's City Council passed Resolution 32-R-15 (Amended) opposing the cuts. View the staff presentation.

Impact to Evanston
In order to make up a $3.7 million loss the City would need to cut general operating expenses by 4.105% and consider one or a combination of the following:

  • Increase property tax by 8.4%
  • Make programmatic budget cuts
  • Raise fees and fines
  • Reduce staff by 42 employees, including 11 Police Officers, 9 City Administration, 8 Public Works, 7 Firefighters, and 7 Parks & Recreation staff

Take Action Now!

Send an email to legislators voicing your concern about the cut to the LGDF. Click the "send email now" link below and it will take you to a form to automatically send to Governor Rauner and each state senator and representative in your area, with a copy also going to the four legislative leaders and yourself. SEND EMAIL NOW

  • Call Legislators and tell them you oppose cuts to Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF). Explain that a reduction to the LGDF will put undue burden on the City to address the State's budget challenges.
    • District 7 - Senator Heather Steans (217) 782-8492
    • District 9 - Senator Daniel Biss (217) 782-2119
    • District 14 - Rep. Kelly Cassidy (217) 782-8088
    • District 17 - Rep. Laura Fine (217) 782-4194
    • District 18 - Rep. Robyn Gabel (217) 782-8052
  • Register for Evanston Lobby Day on April 14th and join the Mayor and City Council in voicing concerns about cuts to local governments. REGISTER TODAY.

Intergovernmental Affairs

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Kimberley Richardson
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