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86-O-19 Amending City Code to Allow Limited Parking on Portion of Pitner Avenue   8/5/2019 
82-O-19 Major Adjustment PD 1815 Oak  8/5/2019 
81-O-19 Granting a Special Use for a Commercial Indoor Recreation Facility at 2510 Green Bay Road  8/5/2019 
80-O-19 Authorizing the Sale of Surplus Vehicles  8/5/2019
76-O-19 Amending Various Sections of the Liquor Code   8/5/2019 
63-O-19 Amending the Definition of Craft Alcohol Production Facility  8/5/2019 
46-O-19 Zoning Text - Sidewalk Cafe Revisions   7/22/2019 
71-O-19 Litehouse Evanston LLC Ordinance Lease Gibbs Morrison   7/22/2019 
46-O-19 Zoning Text - Sidewalk Cafe Revisions   7/22/2019 
73-O-19 Major Variance 1124 Florence Avenue  7/8/2019 
69-O-19 Amending Title 10, Chapter 11, Section 12 “Parking Zones” Schedule XII (A) and (F)   7/8/2019 
68-O-19 602 Davis Loading Zone  7/8/2019 
66-O-19 Removing meter from Parking Code  7/8/2019 
64-O-19 Major Variance 2650 Sheridan Road  7/8/2019
62-O-19 Amending the City Building Permit Code  7/8/2019 
61-O-19 Amending the City to Code to add fees for permit refunds   7/8/2019 
58-O-19 Amending City Code 11-2-11 Immobilization Program Hours   7/8/2019 
54-O-19 Amending Various Parts of Title 6 of the Code to conform with the City IHO 7/8/2019
56-O-19 Amending City Code to add Class P-5 License  6/24/2019 
57-O-19 Amending City Code to to updated Class P-2 and J Licenses   6/24/2019 
60-O-19 Class D Liquor License Increase Frida   6/10/2019 
59-O-19 Class I Liquor License Increase for Lush  6/10/2019 
55-0-19 - Class X Liquor License Decrease Board & Brush Evanston  6/10/2019 
48-O-19 Amending 10-11-5(D) Four way stops at Brown Ave & Noyes Street   6/10/2019 
42-O-19 Authorization for the Sale of 2222 Oakton  6/10/2019 
37-O-19 Authorization to Sell City Property to ETHS 1824 Emerson
56-O-19 Amending City Code to add Class P-5 License   5/28/2019
53-O-19 Amending City Code 10-11-9 Schedule IX; Prohibited at Certain Times
159-O-18 Alternatives to Arrest Ordinance Proposal   5/28/2019 
52-O-19 Amending City Code 10-11-8 Schedule VIII, Prohibited Parking Pitner   5/13/2019 
45-O-19 Special Use Banquet Hall Facility 619 Howard   5/13/2019 
43-O-19 Erosion & Sediment Control   5/13/2019 
39-O-19 Amending Portion of Title 7 Chapter 15 - Board of Local Improvements 5/13/2019 
38-O-19 Affordable Housing Demolition Tax Update  5/13/2019 
36-O-19 Negotiation of Contract to Sell City Property 1824 Emerson St   5/13/2019 
33-O-19 Amending City Code 4-20-1 Bulletin 70   5/13/2019 
31-O-19 Amending City Code Title 10, Chapter 11 City Parking Time Limit  5/13/2019 
23-O-19 Wheel tax payment date change   5/13/2019 
17-O-19 Ordinance Amending Portions of Title 8, Chapter 4, Section 8 3-8-19   5/13/2019 
16-O-19 Ordinance Amending Portions of Title 7, Chapter 2, Section 9 3-9-19   5/13/2019
32-O-19 Special Use Service Station 140 Chicago Ave   4/22/2019
30-O-19 PD 2425 Oakton Street 3-29-19   4/22/2019
29-O-19 Amending City Code Title 10, Chapter 4 Vehicle Identification   4/22/2019 
28-O-19 Authorizing Construction of Local Improvement 1524   4/22/2019 
18-O-19 Amending 6-15-14-7 Active Ground Floor Uses   4/22/2019
26-O-19 Amending 3-4-6(T) to Increase the Number of Class T Licenses from 6 to 7 - Eurest Dining Services  4/8/2019
25-O-19 Amending 3-4-6(D) to Increase the Number of Class D Licenses from 53 to 54 - Eurest Dining Services  4/8/2019
24-O-19 Amending 3-4-6(T) to Increase the Number of Class T Licenses from 5 to 6 - Halim Time & Glass  4/8/2019
22-O-19 Special Use Permit for Planned Development Located at 910-938 Custer Ave.  4/8/2019
21-O-19 Special Use Permit for a Craft Alcohol Production Facility  at 821-823 Chicago Avenue  3/11/2019
19-O-19 Authorizing the Sale of Surplus Fleet Vehicles  3/18/2019
15-O-19 Amending City Code Title 7, Chapter 8, Trees and Shrubs  3/11/2019
14-O-19 Amending 3-4-6(D) Class D Liquor License Increase Stacked and Folded  2/25/2019
13-O-19 Amending 8-4-6(C) Private Scavenger Provided Receptacles  2/25/2019
10-O-19 Amending Portions of Title 7 to Include Police Powers  2/25/2019
12-O-19 Special Use Permit for Type 2 Restaurant at 1905 Church Street  2/11/2019
11-O-19 Special Use Permit for a Type 2 Restaurant at 1030 Davis Street  2/11/2019
9-O-19 Special Use Permit for a Medical Office at 524 Main Street  2/11/2019 
6-O-19 Sales Contract for 1729 Dodge Avenue to Evanston Township High School 3/11/2019
7-O-19 Special Use Medical Office 705 Main Street Evanston Family Chiropractic and Wellness Center 1/28/2019 
3-O-19 Adding City Code Section 6-15-3-8 Special Uses in the oRD District   1/28/2019 
163-O-18 Amending 10-11-7(A) Passenger Loading Zones on Simpson   1/28/2019 
162-O-18 Amending Sidewalk Cafe Permit Fee Changes 1/28/2019
8-O-19 Amending 10-1-3 Passenger vehicles  1/14/2019
5-O-19 Negotiate Sale of City-Owned Property 1729 Dodge Avenue 1/14/2019
164-O-18 Amending 10-11-7(D) to Remove Howard Street Taxicab Stand 1/14/2019
161-O-18 Amending Parking Schedule to Omit District S and Add District E 1/14/2019
160-O-18 Designating 1225 Asbury Avenue an Evanston Landmark 1/14/2019
152-O-18 Amending Title 8, Chapter 6, Food Service and Retail, Food Store Sanitation  1/14/2019
122-O-18 Negotiate Sales Contract 2222 Oakton 1/14/2019
121-O-18 Ambulance Donation to NORTAF 1/14/2019





 158-O-18 Amendment of PD 1815 Oak   12/10/2018
 157-O-18 Class H Liquor License Increase Colectivo Coffee  12/10/2018
 156-O-18 Class D Liquor License Increase Lao Sze Chuan  12/10/2018
 155-O-18 Amend Class O Liquor - Allow Sale of Wine  12/10/2018
 154-O-18 Amend Class L Liquor License Alcoholic Liquor and Wine Volume Increase  12/10/2018
 153-O-18 Amend Class E Liquor - Liquor and Wine Volume Increase  12/10/2018
 150-O-18 Increase Fire Department Transport fees  12/10/2018
 140-O-18 Amending the Composition of the Animal Welfare Board  12/10/2018
 139-O-18 Major Variations for 1943 Sherman Avenue  12/10/2018
 148-O-18 Transfer Tax Amendment  11/19/2018
 145-O-18 Amending 10-11-12 Parking Fees  11/19/2018
 143-O-18 Amending 10-8-3(A) Wheel Tax License Fees  11/19/2018
 142-O-18 Amending 10-11-17 to Increase Parking Violations  11/19/2018
 141-O-18 Amending Registration of Rental Residential Buildings  11/19/2018
 137-O-18 Amending Portions of Title 5, Chapter 9 Vacation Rentals  11/19/2018
136-O-18 Amending the City Permit Fee Schedule with Expedited Fees 
 135-O-18 Amendment to Add B and Bs to Hotel-Motel and Vacation Rental Tax  11/19/2018
 134-O-18 Residential Parking Permit Fees  11/19/2018
 133-O-18 Amending Transportation Network Tax  11/19/2018
 130-O-18 Amending 7-2-6(G) Moving Van Permit and Application  11/19/2018
 128-O-18 Municipal Solid Waste Amendments  11/19/2018
 127-O-18 2018 Tax Levy SSA6  11/19/2018
 126-O-18 2018 Tax Levy SSA4  11/19/2018
 125-O-18 Solid Waste Tax Levy 2018  11/19/2018
 124-O-18 Library 2018 Tax Levy  11/19/2018
 123-O-18 2018 Tax Levy Gen Fund  11/19/2018
 117-O-18 Water Rates - Charges Rates Fees & Penalties  11/19/2018
 147-O-18 Amendment of 1571 Plan Development Ordinance  11/12/2018
 144-O-18 Special Use Type 2 1919 Dempster McDonalds  11/12/2018
 131-O-18 Intro Class U Liquor License Increase bu Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre  11/12/2019
 107-O-18 Inclusionary Housing Ordinance Update  10/29/2018
 119-O-18 Designating 2010 Dewey Avenue an Evanston Landmark  10/22/2018
 116-O-18 Agreement between Evanston and the Chicago Transit Authority for the Purple Line Modernization


 111-O-18 Major Variations for 2415 Wade Street  10/22/2018
 110-O-18 Washington National TIF Dissolution  10/22/2018
 113-O-18 Major Variations for 348 Custer Avenue  10/8/2018
 108-O-18 Special Use Banquet Hall and Brew Pub 2119-2125 Ashland  10/8/2018
 105-O-18 Zoning Text Amendment for Brew Pub and Craft Alcohol Production Facility  10/8/2018
 102-O-18 Special Use Type 2 1724 Sherman Kilwin's Chocolates  10/8/2018
 100-O-18 Snow Route Modifications  10/8/2018
 41-O-18 Amending City Code University College Institutions Text Amendment  10/8/2018
 109-O-18 Allowing Extended Hours of Class Z-1 and Class Z-2 Alcohol Service by City Council Approval  9/17/2018
 106-O-18 Special Use Public Utility 514 Custer Avenue  9/17/2018
104-O-18 Special Use Daycare Center Child 2200 Main Street    9/17/2018
103-O-18 Special Use Type 2 2004 Central Street Backlot Coffee    9/17/2018
101-O-18 Amending Class U Liquor License Amending Hours of Sale and Removing Lobby Restriction    9/17/2018
 99-O-18 Class K Decrease Wine Volume for Off Premise Consumption and Allow Alcoholic Spirit Tasting  9/17/2018
 98-O-18 Zoning Text - Sidewalk Cafe Revisions  9/17/2018
 97-O-18 - Class T Liquor License Increase Next of Kinship  9/17/2018
 96-O-18 - Class A Liquor License Decrease Union Squared  9/17/2018
 95-O-18 - Class D Liquor License Increase Union Squared  9/17/2018
 91-O-18 - Class T Liquor License Increase Levy Premium Foodservice  9/17/2018
 90-O-18 - Class T Liquor License Increase Chartwells  9/17/2018
 89-O-18 - Class T Decrease Sodexo  9/17/2018
 88-O-18 - Class R Liquor License Increase Chartwells NU Norris  9/17/2018
 86-O-18 - Class C Liquor License Increase Bat 17 (Tereneo 3634 LLC)  9/17/2018
 85-O-18 - Class C Liquor License Decrease Bat 17 (Bandana Entertainment)  9/17/2018
 84-O-18 Special Use Daycare Center Domestic Animal and a Kennel 2118-2120 Ashland 1625 Payne 2147-2149 Dewey Rex's Place  9/17/2018
 94-O-18 Amending Parking Violation Penalties - Special Event Parking Pilot  8/13/2018
 93-O-18 Amending Limited Parking - Special Event Parking Pilot  8/13/2018
 92-O-18 Amending City Code Section 10-11-7, Schedule VII(C)  8/13/2018
 83-O-18 Authorizing Agreement with Lincolnwood Water Sales  8/13/2018
 82-O-18 Vacating Public Land to 1633 Florence  8/13/2018
 81-O-18 Variance 1822 Lyons Street  8/13/2018
 77-O-18 Variance 750 Chicago Avenue  8/13/2018
 40-O-18 Amending City Code Minimum Required Front Yard Setback  8/13/2018
 79-O-18 Zoning Text Amendment for Preservation Commission Review Procedures  7/23/2018
 78-O-18 Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Ordinance  7/23/2018
 76-O-18 Special Use Type 2 710 Main Street Reprise Coffee Roasters  7/23/2018
 75-O-18 Amending Loading Zone for 600 Block of South Boulevard  7/23/2018
 70-O-18 Amending Loading Zone and Taxicab Stand for Church Street  7/23/2018
 80-O-18 Special Use Type 2 2901 Central Street Gotta B Crepes  7/9/2018
 69-O-18 Housing and Community Development Act Committee  7/9/2018
 71-O-18 Authorizing 2018 A, B, C and D General Obligation Bond Issues   7/9/2018
 74-O-18 - Class C Liquor License Decrease Cheesie's  6/25/2018
 73-O-18 Restaurant Liquor License Sunday Hours Text Amendment to Begin  6/25/2018
 72-O-18 Class K Increase Onsite Size From 28 to 32 Ounces  6/25/2018
 67-O-18 Updating Financial Institutions  6/25/2018
 63-O-18 Amending 10-11-4 to Remove Parts of Crawford Avenue  6/25/2018
 68-O-18 Special Use Community Center 1215 Church Street and 1726-1730 Ridge Avenue  5/29/2018
 66-O-18 Condo Owner Info Disclosure Ordinance  5-29-2018
 61-O-18 128-132 Chicago Avenue PD  5/29/2018
 59-O-18 1727 Oak Avenue PD  5/29/2018
 65-O-18 Amending City Code for Administrative Adjudication Expungement Equivalent   5/14/2018
 62-O-18 Amending Hours of Alcohol Service   5/14/2018
 55-O-18 Class F-1 Liquor License Text Amendment  5/14/2018
 54-O-18 Class F Liquor License Text Amendment    5/14/2018
 53-O-18 Class F-2 Liquor License Increase Binny's  5/14/2018
 51-O-18- Class F Liquor License Increase Target  5/14/2018
 47-O-18 Amending City Code Coach House Text Amendment  5/14/2018
 29-O-18 Historic Preservation Ordinance Rewrite  5/14/2018
 25-O-18 Amending City Code Title 7 Chapter 1 Public Works Agency  5/14/2018
 15-O-18 - Creating Title 9 Chap. 18 for Juvenile Law Enforcement Records  5/14/2018
 60-O-18 Lease Agreement 727 Howard - Hip Circle   4/23/2018
 58-O-18 Special Use Type 2 825 Church Street Falcon Eddy's Barbecue  4/23/2018
 57-O-18 and 20-R-18 Updating Authorized Signatories and Financial Institutions  4/23/2018
 52-O-18 Class X Liquor License Increase Board & Brush  4/23/2018
 50-O-18 - Class D Liquor License Increase Falcon Eddy's  4/23/2018
 49-O-18 Ordinance Authorizing Construction of Local Improvement 1523  4/23/2018
 46-O-18 Special Use Type 2 1301 Chicago Avenue  4/23/2018
 44-O-18 - Class D Liquor License Decrease Las Palmas  4-9-2018
 43-O-18 Class C Liquor License Decrease Lao Sze Chuan  4-9-2018
 39-O-18 Variance 1801 Main Street  4-9-2018
 38-O-18 - Amending 3-17-9   4-9-2018
 37-O-18 Class C Liquor License Increase LaMacchina  4-9-2018
 36-O-18 Class C-1 Liquor License Decrease LaMacchina  4-9-2018
 27-O-18 Lease with League of Women Voters  4-9-2018
 18-O-18 Contractor Debarment Ordinance  4-9-2018
 12-O-18 Floodplain Ordinance Revisions  4-9-2018
 34-O-18 Public Water Supply Loan Program   3/12/18
 33-O-18 Creation of Class F-2 Liquor License for Retail Liquor Dealer Gourmet Food Store   3/12/18
 31-O-18 Creation of Class X Liquor License for Arts and Crafts Studio   3/12/18
 11-O-18 Finance Code Revisions   3/12/18
 32-O-18 - Class D Liquor License Decrease Kabul House   2/26/18
 26-O-18- Class F Liquor License Increase Target   2/26/18
 21-O-18 Special Use Special Education Institution 1233-35 Hartrey Avenue  2/26/18
 20-O-18 Amending 10-11-4 to Include Hurd and Central Park   2/26/18
 10-O-18 Amending 1-4-1 to include Civil Restitution  2/26/18
 28-O-18 - Amending 10-11-1 to Reduce Speed on parts of Ridge Avenue   2/12/18
 24-O-18 - Class D Liquor License Increase Good to Go   2/12/18
 23-O-18 - Class D Liquor License Decrease Yahala Inn  2/12/18
 19-O-18 Updating Authorized Signatories and Financial Institutions   2/12/18
 13-O-18 Special Use Religious Institution with Major Variations   2/12/18
 9-O-18 Overweight and Oversize Vehicle Permit   2/12/18
 8-O-18 Amending 10-11-16(B) Bicycle and Truck Routes   1/22/18
 7-O-18 Special Use Type 2 716 Church Street   1/22/18
 6-O-18 Sale of City Property 623-627 Howard Street  1/22/18
 1-O-18 Amending City Code Section 4-4-2 Requiring Annual Testing Records of Fire Protection Systems on an Annual Basis   1/22/18
 3-O-18 Amendment of PD 1815 Oak               1/8/18
2-O-18 Lease of MWRD Property 2525 Church                                         1/8/18
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