March 18, 2014 Township Referendum

“Shall the township organization be discontinued and abolished in Evanston Township?”

The following documents are provided for information:

Text of SB 1585 which adds Article 27 of the Township Code “Discontinuance of Township Organization with Coterminous Municipality” and makes other changes to Illinois law related to discontinuance of Township.  

City of Evanston Ordinance 105-0-13 “Calling for a Binding Referendum Question to be Submitted to the Electors of Evanston Township to Discontinue and Abolish Township Organization in Evanston Township.” 

October 22, 2013 Response to League of Women Voters Letter of October 1, 2013 – Dissolution of Evanston Township

League of Women Voters - Evanston Township Referendum Fact Sheet