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 34-O-18 Public Water Supply Loan Program   3/12/18
 33-O-18 Creation of Class F-2 Liquor License for Retail Liquor Dealer Gourmet Food Store   3/12/18
 31-O-18 Creation of Class X Liquor License for Arts and Crafts Studio   3/12/18
 11-O-18 Finance Code Revisions   3/12/18
 32-O-18 - Class D Liquor License Decrease Kabul House   2/26/18
 26-O-18- Class F Liquor License Increase Target   2/26/18
 21-O-18 Special Use Special Education Institution 1233-35 Hartrey Avenue  2/26/18
 20-O-18 Amending 10-11-4 to Include Hurd and Central Park   2/26/18
 10-O-18 Amending 1-4-1 to include Civil Restitution  2/26/18
 28-O-18 - Amending 10-11-1 to Reduce Speed on parts of Ridge Avenue   2/12/18
 24-O-18 - Class D Liquor License Increase Good to Go   2/12/18
 23-O-18 - Class D Liquor License Decrease Yahala Inn  2/12/18
 19-O-18 Updating Authorized Signatories and Financial Institutions   2/12/18
 13-O-18 Special Use Religious Institution with Major Variations   2/12/18
 9-O-18 Overweight and Oversize Vehicle Permit   2/12/18
 8-O-18 Amending 10-11-16(B) Bicycle and Truck Routes   1/22/18
 7-O-18 Special Use Type 2 716 Church Street   1/22/18
 6-O-18 Sale of City Property 623-627 Howard Street  1/22/18
 1-O-18 Amending City Code Section 4-4-2 Requiring Annual Testing Records of Fire Protection Systems on an Annual Basis   1/22/18
 3-O-18 Amendment of PD 1815 Oak               1/8/18
2-O-18 Lease of MWRD Property 2525 Church                                         1/8/18
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