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RESOLUTION  Date Adopted
55-R-20 Grant Agreement Application Rebuild Illinois   6/22/2020
 54-R-20 African American Heritage Trees   6/22/2020
51-R-20 Fleetwood Jourdain Gym Floor Contract Amended Price 6/8/2020
 49-R-20 49-R-20 Extending State of Emergency to July 13 6/8/2020
 48-R-20 Terminating Limits on Third Party Delivery Service Fees on July 13  6/8/2020
 46-R-20 Authorizing the City Manager to sign the First Amendment to the Dynegy Master Agreement 5/26/2020
 45-R-20  IL ReBuild IDOT  for 2020 Street Resurfacing Project  5/26/2020
 44-R-20 MFT Fund Transfer for General Maintenance FY 2020  5/26/2020
 43-R-20 MFT Resolution for 2020 Street Resurfacing Project  5/26/2020
42-R-20 Terminating the Limits on Third-Party Food Delivery Service Fees on June 8 5/11/2020
41-R-20 Extending State of Emergency until June 8 5/11/2020
40-R-20 IGA with North Regional Major Crimes Task Force (NORTAF) 5/11/2020
39-R-20 GO Bond Reimbursement Resolution 4/27/2020
38-R-20 Establishing Limits on 3rd Party Food Delivery Service Fees 4/27/2020
 37-R-20 Ridge Avenue Federal & Engineering Services Traffic Signal Grant 4/27/2020 
 36-R-20 Extending the Declared State of Emergency to May 11, 2020  4/13/2020
 35-R-20 Authorizing City Manager to Sign a License Agreement for Fence Repair/Replace  at 3434 Park Place  4/13/2020
 33-R-20 Approving the City of Evanston’s 2020-2024 HUD Consolidated Plan  4/13/2020
 31-R-20 Authorizing the Settlement and Release of all Claims in Shannon Lamster v. City of Evanston, et al.  4/13/2020
 3-R-20 Approval of the City of Evanston Donation Policy  4/13/2020
 21-R-20 Grant Agreement Application Lovelace Park  02/24/2020
 20-R-20 Authorizing City Manager to Submit Application for STP funds  02/24/2020
 17-R-20 Authorizing City Manager to Execute Agreement with Fire Recovery USA  02/24/2020
 18-R-20 Authorizing agreement with IDOT for the Howard Street Resurfacing  02/24/2020
 19-R-20 Authorizing City Manager to Sign IDOT resolution for improvements to Evanston Streets  02/24/2020
 5-R-20 Purchase and Sale Agreement 1829 Simpson  01/27/2020
  13-R-20 Authorizing Wanha Settlement  01/21/2020
 15-R-20 Authorizing Application for Cook County Animal Shelter Grant  01/21/2020


 RESOLUTION  Date Adopted
 127-R-19 Studio Leases at NCAC  12/09/2019
 130-R-19 Downtown SSA No 9  12/09/2019
 86-R-19 Adopting Outside Counsel Litigation Procedures and Billing Protocol  11/11/2019
 121-R-19 Authorizing City Manager to enter contract with Motivate  11/11/2019
 123-R-19 Civic Center Lease Twelve Months Robin Gabel Rooms 2600-2650.  11/11/2019
 120-R-19 Nonpartisan Election Referendum  11/11/2019
117-R-19 approving IGA for Increased Funding for Ambulance Services   10/28/2019 
116-R-19 Authorizing CMO to Approve Grant Funds for Ombudsman Program   10/28/2019 
99-R-19 Amending Council Rules - Tabling an Item  10/28/2019 
97-R-19- Appointing SWANCC Director 10/28/2019 
96-R-19 Notice of Grant Award Congregate Senior Meals  10/28/2019 
95-R-19 Lease Apartment 1223 Simpson Street   10/14/2019 
51-R-19 IGA with District 65 and City Channel 19 Service  10/14/2019 
92-R-19 Authorizing Agreement with Hoffman House  9/23/2019 
91-R-19 Civic Center 3 Year Lease - North Shore Senior Center   9/23/2019 
90-R-19 Civic Center 3 Year Lease - North Shore Senior Center   9/23/2019 
89-R-19 - Approving Grant Funding to Mudlark Theater   9/23/2019 
88-R-19 Zoning, Regulation, and Licensing of Adult Use of Cannabis Businesses   9/23/2019 
32-R-19 Evanston Youth Hockey Association   9/23/2019 
30-R-19 Use Agreement Rink 2 CYA FallWinter RCCC Ice Schedule  9/23/2019 
87-R-19 Appointing Erika Storlie Interim City Manager 9/9/2019 
 74-R-19 Approval of Plat of Resubdivision 1211-1217 Ridge Avenue 9/9/2019
85-R-19 Easement Agreement for Chilled Water Installation  8/5/2019 
83-R-19 Authorization to Pay Bills   8/5/2019 
82-R-19 Endorse 6b Application - Hewn Bakery 8/5/2019 
81-R-19 Grant Agreement Application James Park 7/22/2019 
80-R-19 First Amendment to Orbipay System  7/22/2019 
79-R-19 MWRD Green Infrastructure Grant Application 7/22/2019 
69-R-19 Professional Services Agreement with James B. Moran Center  7/22/2019 
68-R-19 Youth Job Center to Fund the Building Career Pathways to Sustainable Employment Program   7/22/2019 
66-R-19 TIF District Expansion  7/22/2019 
77-R-19 Agreement for Federal Participation with IDOT and Stanley Consultants, Inc. Central Street Bridge
76-R-19 Local Public Agency (IDOT) purchase the right-of-way for Central Street Bridge Reconstruction Project  7/15/2019 
75-R-19 IHDA Grant Abandoned Properties   7/15/2019 
73-R-19 Amending Council Rules re Signs and Banners in Chambers   7/15/2019 
72-R-19 Amending Council Rules - No Remote Public Comment   7/15/2019 
70-R-19 Emergency Repairs to the Boiler  7/8/2019 
67-R-19 2019 MFT Fund Transfer for General Maintenance 7/8/2019 
65-R-19 Approving Procedures for Determination of PSEBA Benefits   7/8/2019 
63-R-19 Approving Settlement with RJ O'Neill 6/24/2019 
62-R-19 Approving Settlement in Lindstrom v COE  6/24/2019 
46-R-19 Designating a portion of Lake Street as Ernest Jackson Way 6/24/2019 
60-R-19 Amend lease with MWRD and Canal Shores  6/10/2019 
56-R-19 Approval of Plat of Resubdivision 1424 Dewey  6/10/2019
53-R-19 Fountain Square Memorial Policy- signed 6/10/2019
61-R-19 adopting new Investment Policy and Procedures Manual
55-R-19 Highway Safety Improvement Funds Grant App  5/28/2019 
54-R-19 SWANCC Board Appointment   5/28/2019 
52-R-19 Animal Shelter (EASA) Grant Agreement
57-R-19 Designating FOIA Officers 5/28/2019
68-R-18 Restorative Justice Program   5/28/2019 
68-R-18 Directing the Police Department to Direct Certain Violations to Administrative Adjudication   5/28/2019 
50-R-19 Master Pole Agreement Verizon Wireless 5/13/2019
49-R-19 Master Pole Agreement New Cingular Wireless (AT&T) 5/13/2019 
48-R-19 Amending CDBG Reallocating Funds to FY2019 5/13/2019
47-R-19 Action Plan and Adopting 2019 Community Development Block 5/13/2019 
3-R-19 Easement Agreement 1815 Ridge 5/13/2019 
36-R-19 Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure 1805 Church Street 4/29/2019
44-R-19 Amending Budget Debt Limit 4/22/2019 
43-R-19 Amending Council Rules re Citizen Partipciation - Decorum 4/22/2019
42-R-19 Comcast Franchise Agreement 4/22/2019
37-R-19 Professional Services Agreement with Howard Ridge 4/22/2019
34-R-19 2018 Budget Amendment 4/22/2019
19-R-19 IGA SRO and Reciprocal Reporting 4/22/2019
43-R-19 Amending City Council Rule 6 "Citizen Participation" Guidelines of Decorum  4/15/2019
41-R-19 Amending City Council Rule 9.6 "Committees" to Amend Start Time for Planning & Development  4/15/2019
40-R-19 Amending City Council Rule 6 "Citizen Participation" Guidelines for Public Comment  4/15/2019
39-R-19 IDOT Central Street Bridge Project  4/15/2019
35-R-19 Amending the City of Evanston Budget Policy  4/8/2019 
31-R-19 Valli Produce Gift Agreement
27-R-19 Authorizing Gift Agreement with Wintrust Bank for the Donation to the Robert Crown Center  4/8/2019
25-R-19 Authorizing Settlement & Release of All Claims in Paul Caldwell v. COE, et al.  4/8/2019
24-R-19 Lease Agreement for Apartment Located at 1223 Simpson Street 3/11/2019
23-R-19 Lease Agreement for Studio B12 at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center  3/11/2019
22-R-19 Lease Agreement for Studio 109 at the Noyes Cultural Arts Center 3/11/2019
21-R-19 Authorizing Easement Agreement with Evanston Custer LLC  4/8/2019
20-R-19 Authorizing MOU with the Friends of Robert Crown Center  4/8/2019
18-R-19 Loan Agreement with Police Chief, Demitrous Cook  3/11/2019
17-R-19 Lease Agreement for Office Space at the Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center  3/11/2019
16-R-19 Lease Agreement for Music Studio Space at the Gibbs Morrison Cultural Center  3/11/2019
15-R-19 Honorary Street Name Sign "Tina Lifford Way"  3/11/2019
14-R-19 Intergovernmental Agreement for Body Worn Cameras on School District Property  2/25/2019
13-R-19 Resubdivision 2101 Darrow Avenue 2/11/2019
12-R-19 Amending City Council Rule 6, "Citizenship Participation" by Addressing Ceding Time  2/11/2019 
11-R-19 IDOT Resolution on Motor Fuel Tax Funds   2/11/2019
9-R-19 Resolution Authorizing Crosby Settlement  1/28/2019
8-R-19 Resolution for Construction on State Highway  1/28/2019
7-R-19 GO Bond  1/28/2019 
6-R-19 Release of City Council Executive Session Minutes 1/28/2019
2-R-19 Grant Agreement AMITA  1/28/2019
5-R-19 Temporary Construction Easement Agreement - Bond Company 1/14/2019
4-R-19 Sexual Harassment Policy                                                                                       1/14/2019
2-R-19 Grant Agreement between Presence Health and Fire Department  1/14/2019
 -R-19 Temporary Construction Easement - Fifth Third Bank 1/14/2019


 Resolution                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Date   Adopted
111-R-18 EDC Lease Agreement   12/10/2018 
110-R-18 Amendment to the Purchase of 1714-20 Chicago Ave to Chicago Ave Partners, LLC 12/10/2018 
109-R-18 Easement Agreement 324 Dempster Street   12/10/2018 
108-R-18 Lease for Studio Space at the NCAC with Evanston Children's Choir 12/10/2018 
107-R-18 Eight Month Lease with Mudlark Theater   12/10/2018 
106-R-18 Studio Leases at NCAC   12/10/2018 
105-R-18 Adoption of the Climate Action and Resilience Plan  12/10/2018 
103-R-18 Nathan Haliburton Jr Way - Street Naming 12/10/2018 
101-R-18 Approving the 2019 Fiscal Year Budget of the City of Evanston  11/19/2019 
 83-R-18 - Abate resolution-series 2011A 11/19/2018 
96-R-18 General Obligation Debt Property Tax Abatement   11/19/2018 
 95-R-18 - Abate resolution-series 2018C 11/19/2018 
 94-R-18 - Abate resolution-series 2018B 11/19/2018 
 93-R-18 - Abate resolution-series 2018A 11/19/2018 
 92-R-18 - Abate resolution-series 2017C 11/19/2018
 91-R-18 - Abate resolution-series 2017A  11/19/2018
 90-R-18 - Abate resolution-series 2016A 11/19/2018 
 89-R-18- Abate resolution-series 2015B 11/19/2018 
 88-R-18- Abate resolution-series 2015A 11/19/2018 
 87-R-18- Abate resolution-series 2014A 11/19/2018 
 86-R-18- Abate resolution-series 2013B 11/19/2018 
 85-R-18- Abate resolution-series 2013A 11/19/2018 
84-R-18- Abate resolution-series 2012A   11/19/2018 
 83-R-18 - Abate resolution-series 2011A 11/19/2018 
 82-R-18 - Abate resolution-series 2010B 11/19/2018 
 99-R-18 Acquisition of 2122 Darrow and 2113 Dewey 11/12/2018 
 100-R-18 Ex 1 Intergovernmental Agreement - Assessment of Fair Housing 10/22/2018 
 98-R-18 approving IGA with Ridgeville Park District 10/22/2018 
 81-R-18 Pierre Jean Paul Way Honorary Street Name 10/22/2018 
 80-R-18 Safe Route to Schools 10/22/2018 
 79-R-18 Authorizing MOU with Y.O.U. 10/22/2018 
 78-R-18 Authorizing Lease Agreement with USPS for Parking at 1800 Maple Ave 10/8/2018 
 77-R-18 Authorizing City Manager to Sign Notification of Grant Awards for Meal Programs  10/8/2018 
 76-R-18 Grant Awards to Fund Long Term Care Ombudman Program  10/8/2018
 75-R-18 Easement for 2222 Simpson Street 10/8/2018 
 73-R-18 Career Pathways Agreement 10/8/2018 
 71-R-18 Authorizing Agreement with Moran Center 10/8/2018 
 70-R-18 Grant Agreement Application Harbert Park 9/17/2019 
69-R-18 Civic Center Lease Twenty Four Months Impact Housing Options    9/17/2019
67-R-18 Approval of Memorandum of Understanding with CDOT Revenue Sharing 9/17/2018 
66-R-18 Easement Agreement with Northwestern Water Reservoir  9/17/2018 
 62-R-18 Authorizing Contract with Hoffman House 9/17/2018 
 59-R-18 approving IGA for Use of Fire Training Tower 9/17/2018 
 60-R-18 Increase Real Estate Transfer Tax Referendum 8/13/2018 
 58-R-18 Chicagoland Paving Contractors Settlement 8/13/2018 
 53-R-18 Civic Center Lease Twelve Months North Shore Senior Center 8/13/2018 
 50-R-18 Authorizing City Manager to Sign Greenest Region Compact 8/13/2018 
 49-R-18 1239 Asbury Subdivision 8/13/2018 
 54-R-18 Prevailing Wages for Public Works Projects 7/30/2018 
 52-R-18 MWRD Green Infrastructure Grant Application 7/23/2018 
 51-R-18 Harley Clarke Mansion Funding Agreement 7/23/2018 
 48-R-18 Authorizing MOU with CTA for Purple Line Modernization 7/9/2018 
 47-R-18 Allowing City Manager to Create RFP for 2222 Oakton Street 7/9/2018 
 34-R-18 2020 Greenwood Street 7/9/2018 
 27-R-18 Termination of Lease Agreement with Smylie Bros 7/9/2018 
 46-R-18 Amendment to Lease Agreement 6/25/2018 
 44-R-18 NIPAS Amended Member Agreement  6/25/2018
 42-R-18 Budget Policy Amendment 6/25/2018 
 38-R-18 - Amending the Composition of Transportation Parking Committee 6/25/2018 
 37-R-18 Amending the City Council Rules Re Tie Votes  6/25/2018
 29-R-18 Noyes Center Lease Six Months Socorro Mucino 6/25/2018 
 45-R-18 Reversing the Department of Homeland Security Family Separation Policies  5/29/2018
 43-R-18 Harley Clarke Mansion Donation 5/29/2018 
 41-R-18 Cnkovic Settlement 5/29/2018 
 40-R-18 Authorizing Preliminary Engineering Services Agreement with Stanley Consultants 5/29/2018 
 39-R-18 Local Agency Agreement BLR 5310 Central St Bridge 5/29/2018 
 36-R-18 Amending CDBG Reallocating Funds  5/29/2018
 32-R-18 2652 Sheridan Road 5/29/2018 
 22-R-18 1727 Oak Subdivision  5/29/2018
 26-R-18 IGA with District 202 re Geometry in Classroom Affordable Housing   4/30/2018
 25-R-18 Supporting Direct Public Transit Service to Evanston Township High School 4/30/2018 
 23-R-18 Loan to Hip Circle Empowerment Center 4/23/2018 
 21-R-18 Accepting IHDA Abandoned Housing Funding 4/23/2018
 20-R-18 Appointing Hitesh Desai as Chief Financial Officer  4/23/2018
 16-R-18 2017 Budget Amendments  3/12/2018 
 15-R-18 2018 MFT Fund Transfer for General Maintenance  3/12/2018 
 14-R-18 2017 MFT Fund Transfer for General Maintenance   3/12/2018
 13-R-18 Grant Agreement Blue 1647  3/12/2018 
 12-R-18 2016 MFT Fund Transfer for General Maintenance 3/12/2018 
 11-R-18 IDOT Resolution on MFT Funds  3/12/2018 
 10-R-18 Water Pump Station Municipal Zoning Exemption  2/12/18 
 9-R-18 Construction of MGNWC Booster Station   2/12/18
 6-R-18 Appointing Ashley King as Chief Financial Officer   2/12/18
 2-R-18 Release of City Council Executive Session Minutes  2/12/18 
 5-R-18 Cook County Assessor Office GIS Agreement   1/22/18
 3-R-18 GO Bond Reimbursement with library  1/22/18 
1-R-18 Approving a Sexual Harassment Policy for the City of Evanston  1/8/18


 38-R-17 Appointing a Director and Alt Director to SWANCC   1/8/18
 113-R-17 Amending the City Council Rules Re Quorum   12/11/17
 112-R-17 Grant Awards to Fund Long Term Care Ombudman Program   12/11/17
 111-R-17 Twelve Month Lease for Studio at NCAC with David Gista   12/11/17
 110-R-17 - Abate resolution-series 2017C   12/11/17
 109-R-17 - Abate resolution-series 2017A   12/11/17
 108-R-17 - Abate resolution-series 2016A   12/11/17
 107-R-17- Abate resolution-series 2015B   12/11/17
 106-R-17- Abate resolution-series 2015A   12/11/17
 105-R-17- Abate resolution-series 2014A   12/11/17
 104-R-17- Abate resolution-series 2013B   12/11/17
 103-R-17- Abate resolution-series 2013A   12/11/17
 102-R-17- Abate resolution-series 2012A   12/11/17
 101-R-17 - Abate resolution-series 2011A   12/11/17
 100-R-17 - Abate resolution-series 2010B   12/11/17
 99-R-17 - Abate resolution-series 2008C   12/11/17
 98-R-17 - Abate resolution-series 2008B   12/11/17
 97-R-17 Designating a Portion of Hull Terrace as Steve Perkins Way 
 96-R-17 Designating a portion of Custer Avenue as Rick Ferguson Way   12/11/17
95-R-17 Noyes Center Lease Eight Months Mudlark Theater   12/11/17
 94-R-17 FY 2018 Budget   12/11/17
 93-R-17 approving settlement in Yakhnis v. City   12/11/17
 92-R-17 Master Studio Lease Noyes Twelve Month   12/11/17
 91-R-17 NU MOU Research Park Property Tax Related Payments in Lieu   11/27/17
 90-R-17 - Budget Amendment   12/11/17
 79-R-17 Amended Plan of Operation and Governance   11/27/17
 89-R-17 Professional Serv. Agreement  Rose Pest  11/13/17
 88-R-17 ITEP Grant Main Street Application   11/13/17
 87-R-17 approving settlement with Suzette Robinson   11/13/17
84-R-17 Designating City Clerk as City's FOIA Officer    10/23/17
83-R-17 Contract Execution with AFSCME   10/23/17
82-R-17 CMAP Planning Assistance  10/23/17
80-R-17 Authorizing City Manager to Sign Notification of Grant Awards for Meal Programs  10/23/17
78-R-17 Commercial Food Scrap Franchise Agreement  10/23/17
71-R-17 Approving an Open Data Policy for the City of Evanston   10/23/17
76-R-17 Lease Agreement with Mudlark Theater Company and NCAC   10/9/17
77-R-17 Amending the City Council Rules re Video and Audio Recordings   9/25/17
75-R-17 Amendment to Lease Agreement 1804 Maple    9/25/17
74-R-17 Northwest Center Against Sexual Abuse   9/25/17
73-R-17 Approving Settlement with Lark    9/25/17
72-R-17 Authorizing Execution of Contract with Hoffman House Catering  9/11/17
70-R-17 Development and Affordable Housing Agreement  9/11/17
69-R-17 Career Pathways Agreement  9/11/17
68-R-17 NCAC Four Month Leases of Studios  8/14/17
29-R-17 Loan to Coralie Pastry 633 Howard   8/14/17
66-R-17 Moran Center Agreement   7/24/17
65-R-17 Creation of Robert Crown Maintenance Fund  7/10/17
64-R-17 TIF Agreement Harrington Brown   7/10/17
63-R-17 Amending CDBG Reallocating Funds   7/10/17
62-R-17 Adopting the 2017 Action Plan   7/10/17
58-R-17 Authorization of Purchase Contract 2005 Grey  7/10/17
61-R-17 Authorizing CMO and Staff to Revise City Code re Finance Division  6/26/17
60-R-17 Water Sales Extension (2) with Skokie for 2017   6/26/17
56-R-17 Prevailing Wages for Public Works Projects   6/26/17
55-R-17 Complete Green Streets Policy   6/12/17
54-R-17 Kabul House Parking Agreement   6/12/17
53-R-17 Authorizing City Manager to Make Payments for Emergency Repairs  6/12/17
51-R-17 Creating a Citizen Complaint Working Group   5/22/17
49-R-17 Parking Lease Resolution   5/22/17
40-R-17 - Accepting Funds from Housing Authority for Abandoned Property  5/22/17
39-R-17 Designating Donald Baker Way  5/22/17
33-R-17 Easement Agreement for Fiber in ROW   5/22/17
50-R-17 Cook County Roadway Easement Request with exhibits   5/15/17
36-R-17 - NU Easement for electric and communication service line  4/24/17
35-R-17 Utility Easement Agreement with NU at Ford    4/24/17
28-R-17 Release of City Council Executive Session Minutes  4/24/17
32-R-17 Loan to Fire Chief Brian Scott  4/17/17
19-R-17 Disconnection Petition executed    4/17/17
31-R-17 Designating part of Dewey Ave as Gay Riseborough Way  4/10/17
 25-R-17 Designating part of Foster Street as Rev Zollie Webb Way   3/13/17
24-R-17 IDOT Resolution on MFT Funds   3/13/17
23-R-17 COE Commitment to Reimburse D65 and D202 Respective Shares of NU PILOT 
22-R-17 Good to Go Loan   3/13/17
16-R-17 Grant Agreement EASA   3/13/17
15-R-17 Animal Shelter Agreement  3/13/17
21-R-17 Water sales extension with Skokie for 2017  2/27/17
20-R-17 Authorizing Application to Invest in Cook for Main Street Corridor Project, Phase II  2/27/17
18-R-17 TIF Surplus  2/27/17
14-R-17 Lease Agreement with USPS 1800 Maple 5th Floor  2/27/17
17-R-17 Lease Negotiation 633 Howard Street   2/27/17
13-R-17 Pesticide Regulation  2/13/17
12-R-17 City to Lease NU 150 Parking Spots at 1800 Maple Ave Garage   2/13/17
11-R-17 City to Lease NU 50 Parking Spots at 525 Church Street Garage  2/13/17
10-R-17 Authorizing an Application to CMAQ Program for Emerson Street Traffic Signal Project   2/13/17
3-R-17 Local Agency Agreement with IDOT for Main Street CTA-Chicago Avenue Bike Project  2/13/17
7-R-17 - GO Bond Reimbursement  1/23/17
6-R-17 - Grant Awards to Fund Long Term Care Ombudsman Program   1/9/17
5-R-17 917-919 Edgemere Court Subdivision   1/9/17
4-R-17 Easement Agreement 822 Colfax    1/9/17
2-R-17 Grant Agreement with Sunshine Enterprises   1/9/17

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