Senior Staff Directory

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City of Evanston Department and Division Head Executive List

Name Position Office Phone Email
City Manager's Office
Bobkiewicz, Wally City Manager 847.866.2936
Desai, Hitesh Chief Financial Officer/Treasurer 847.448.8082
Efiom, Patricia Chief Equity Officer  847.448.8067
Jensen,Kumar Sustainability Coordinator 847.448.8199
Logan, Martha Community Engagement Manager 847.448.8041
Martinez, Paulina Assistant to the City Manager 847.859.7833
Richardson, Kimberly Deputy City Manager 847.448.8029
Storlie, Erika

Assistant City Manager/

Director, Administrative Services


Department Directors
Danczak Lyons, Karen Director, Library Services 847.448.8650
Eddington, Richard Police Chief 847.866.5005
Hemingway, Lawrence Director, Parks, Recreation & Community Services 847.866.2914
Leonard, Johanna Director, Community Development 847.448.8014
Masoncup, Michelle  City Attorney/Corporation Counsel  847.866.2937
Scott, Brian Fire Chief  847.866.5924
Stoneback, Dave Director, Public Works Agency 847.448.8198
Storlie, Erika Director, Administrative Services 847.866.2936
Thomas-Smith, Evonda Director, Health & Human Services 847.866.2951

Division Managers
Barnes, Aretha Deputy Police Chief 847.866.5060
Benson, Victoria  Deputy City Attorney - Litigation  847.448.8094
Biggs, Lara Engineering and Capital Planning Bureau Chief 847.448.8210
Campbell, Teri  Assistant Library Director 847.448.8656
Cano, Edgar  Bureau Mgr, Public Services  847.448.8149
Ciolek, Sean Division Mgr, Facilities & Fleet Mgmt 847.448.8181
Dugan, Joseph  Deputy Police Chief  847.866.5044
Flax, Sarah Division Manager,Housing & Grants 847.448.8684
Gerdes, Gary Division Manager, Building & Inspection Services 847.448.8030
Hawk, Karen Assistant Director, Community Services, PRCS 847.448.8294
VACANT Division Chief (2 positions) 847.866.5922
King, Darrell Water Production Bureau Chief 847.448.8212
Lin, Jennifer Division Manager, Human Resources 847.448.8240
Logan, Martha Division Manager, Community Engagement 847.448.8041
Mangum, Scott Division Manager, Planning and Zoning 847.448.8675
Treto, Mario Deputy City Attorney - Transactions 847.866.2937
Ogbo, Ikenga Public Health Manager, Health & Human Services 847.448.8289
Perkins, Indira  Manger, Health & Human Services  847.448.8183
Pickett, James Deputy Police Chief 847.866.5071
Polep, Paul Division Chief - Fire/EMS Operations 847.866.5935
Stowe, Luke Chief Information Officer (CIO) & Division Manager, Information Technology 847.448.8177
Thorpe, Alex Revenue Manager 847.448.8158
Velan, Jill Division Manager, Parking  847.859.7806
Zalmezak, Paul Economic Development Manager  847.448.8013

City Engineering staff
Nagar, Sat Senior Project Manager 847.866.2967
Levine, Stefanie Senior Project Manager 847.448.8043
Dahal, Rajeev Senior Project Manager 847.448.8159
Moyano, Paul
Senior Project Manager

City Building Inspectors
Sonn, Henry Structural, Supervising Inspector 847.448.8015
Mosca, Dean Residential Plan Reviewer/ Structural Inspector 847.448.8016
Garesche, Claude Electrical Inspector 847.448.8018
Booker, Chris Plumbing/ Mech. Inspector 847.448.8017
Rudny, Howard Plumbing/ Mech. Inspector 847.448.8025
Asilis, Ana Commercial Project Reviewer 847.448.8024

Health Inspectors

DiCicco, Joe Environmental Health Practitioner 847.866.2949
Mcilwee, Ashley Environmental Health Pracitioner 847.866.2949
Kasperski, Mark Property Maintenance Inspector I 847.448.8208
Olsen, Greg Senior Environmental Health Practitioner 847.866.2961
 Anais Rosado  Property Maintenance Inspector I  847.448.8208
Schnur, Angelique Senior Property Maintenance Inspector  847.448.8208