Tax Information

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There are many units of government that service and tax Evanston Residents including:

  • Cook County
  • City of Evanston
  • Evanston Library
  • Consolidated Elections
  • Cook County Health Facilities
  • Cook County Public Safety
  • Evanston General Assistance
  • School District 65
  • Evanston Township (Dissolved)
  • School District 202 (ETHS)
  • Cook County Forest Preserve District
  • Metropolitan Water Reclamation District
  • Community College 535 (Oakton)
  • North Shore Mosquito Abatement District

Property Tax Revenue

Property Tax Bill Based on 2015 Tax Rates
The City of Evanston received 17.54% of each property tax bill for the 2015 levy (collected in 2016).

2016 your real estate tax bill

The City of Evanston receives money from:
  • Property Taxes
  • Other Taxes
  • Licenses Permits and Fees
  • Fines and Forfeitures
  • Charges for Services
  • Revenues from State and Federal Government
  • Transfers from Other Funds

Evanston Total Assessed Property Value and Property Tax Levy History

Please click the link below to view a ten year history of the City of Evanston's total assessed value and property tax levy.  The property tax levy has been divided into three categories:  General Operations, Police / Fire Pensions and Capital Project Debt Service.  The percent change of each category from year to year and over the entire ten year period has also been provided. 

City Percent Share of the Property Tax:

The chart below shows the percentage share of the property tax levy which the City of Evanston has received since 2006. 

evanston tax bill

Revenue Numbers*- All City Taxes

*Exclusive of transfers and chargebacks from other funds and proceeds from sale of bonds and notes.

Please click the link below for a summary of  major revenue sources, trends and assumptions: