Make a Payment

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Rental Registration

Yard Waste Cart (Order a new or replacement yard waste cart)

Parking Ticket (Use this link to pay a parking ticket received in Evanston)

Pay Wheel Tax (Vehicle Sticker) or Residential Parking Permit

Update your billing info for new water billing vendor --> Water Bill (Use this link to pay your regular water/utility bill)

Health Permit and/or License Fee

Alarm Services (Current Registrations & False Alarms)

Pet Licenses (First time applicants will need to be able to scan and upload a copy of the current rabies vaccination certificate)

Re-Inspection Payment Form (Electrical, Plumbing, Structural/Insulation or Mechanical Re-Inspections)

Permit Payment Form (Enter the cost of permit obtained by the Building & Inspection Services Permit Desk Staff)

Contractor License Payment (Contractor license first-time issuance or renewal)

General Payment to the City of Evanston (Cannot be used for parking tickets or water bills - see above)

  • Past Due Alarm Services (False Alarm Fees, Alarm Registration Fees)
  • Property Standards (Code Violation Fines, Vacant Property Fees, 
    Rooming House/Lodging Establishment Fees)
  • Police (Tickets: Only Non-Parking or Non-Moving Violations)
  • Police-Animal Control (Tickets)
  • NU-Police (Tickets: Only Non-Parking)
  • Returned Check (Replacement Funds)
  • Fire (Code Violation Fines)
  • Building (Code Violation Fines)
  • Health (Code Violation Fines)
  • Parks/Forestry (Code Violation Fines)
  • Zoning (Code Violation Fines Only)